Day 22 (06/21/17)


Okay, I have to admit that is has been a while since I have posted about the research I am doing. Mostly because we’ve gained a lot of momentum this week in the research, so I have neglected my blog.

The meeting with my research group yesterday morning cleared up our goal. Now I can clearly see that we are working to reduce the time it takes a TIM to report on an accident. The professor in charge even went so far as to limit the amount of engineering specs so that “our imagination can run wild”, I am so excited.

To work collaboratively as a research team we are compiling all of the data and task analysis information in cybox, the issue is that there is SO MUCH information. Luckily, Quinn and Jamiahus have been working close with Kate, Chris and I to direct us to the files that have the averages of the collected data. I have been spending my time looking at trends and watching videos of how the TIM interact with the 15 different software programs they need to use ( I am still shocked they use so many). From this I am able to see what tasks they need to perform and what is their preferred method of completing such task. So far I have used my observations and the data to draw up some rough drafts of the User Interface. I have never worked on ux, but I am really enjoying the task! I have so many ideas of how to change the programming interface. One small change that I think will really help them is creating more visual icons that they can move and manipulate instead of text boxes because all of the software looks very much like a large data base, and that is not how user interfaces should look. Think about Instagram. If Instagram looked like an excel file where you insert photos and captions it would not be nearly as user friendly.

Right now the issue Kate and I are stuck on is if we want to use an adaptive or responsive HTML prototype. We are learning Axure, however, this is a responsive UI prototype meaning there would be a scroll bar at the bottom of the page instead of fitting to the screen. This could pose an issue for interruption in cognitive tasks of the TIM’s, thus increasing the response time.

Thanks and Gig’em

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