Day 23 (06/22/17)


Today has been very productive! I watched a Traffic Incident Management video, which in short, is a screen recording of what the TIM are doing during a daily shift. I watched a video that was only an hour long but most are 4 to 6 hours long and can be up to 12 hours long. I have been reviewing what the TIM’s do most often like scanning and talking to high way helpers, but I did not know exactly what that entailed and the steps they had to go through. Being able to watch over their steps was very nice because I could identify where the issues are and how a simple code could fix their issues.

I completed a second draft of the UI after I watched the video.I always have spurts of ideas and want to change my original design after about five seconds, so I need to make sure I am taking this design process slowly. I want to make sure I do not rush into anything to fast and have the research to back up my ideas. I think my next step is to read over an article of multi-tasking to get a good idea of how much a TIM can handle at once. Then, later today our research group is going to get together, show each other our rough sketches for the UI, and draft up a collaborative UI.

During our luncheon we had a great speaker, Mark Mba Wright, talk to us about his research in biofuel. He is researching the process of the thermochemical conversion of biomass into ethanol (an alternate choice to crude oil). Right now this is the most profitable method of conversion because the ethanol produced will yield more than most methods. What exactly are they converting into ethanol? Glad you asked! Most of the popular choices would be sugar corn, cacti, corn, and miscanthus. Right now they are using miscanthus because this crop will produce ethanol that can fuel a car for the longest distance. I did not even know what miscanthus was before this, but now I know that about 2.75 acres of it can fuel a car for about 122 kilometers.

20 Feet Tall!

Thanks and Gig’em

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