Day 24 (06/23/17)


Today we had a lot going on. This morning we started our deeper dive classes. I choose 3D printing; I think that it has a closer tie to mechanical engineering because of the material behaviors that you need to consider. Where as, the other two classes are further exploring Unity, which I if you can’t tell from previous post, I don’t like it. In our introduction to 3D printing this morning I learnt that that 3D printing is actually the staple name. The correct term is additive manufacturing just as Kleenex is to tissue.

After the into to additive manufacturing Kate and I had a meeting with Dr. Gilbert and Quinn to talk about our rough drafts of the UI. He liked how detailed we were about ideas like color coding icons, including tabs and pop up windows. He also gave us some very good feedback like scaling everything, putting a chrome around all of the user interfaces, and possibly looking into adding machine learning like showing the probability of an incident occurring at a certain time! I think there is a lot that we can add onto our drafts for the next revision! I’m super excited I just need to make sure I do the correct research to back up the next parts of the design.

We also had a class on the Craft of Research where Anna was able to critique some of TIMELI’s Lit review choices. She was able to highlight that we picked an article that was already outdated and gave us advice to look into articles that are an analytical review of our topic of interest. This helps because it can give an overview of the research done on that topic and I can go look into the reference part of the article for the sections that I want more information over.

Next on the list, we out second 3D class and more research time!

Thanks and Gig’em

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