Day 28 (06/27/17)


For a little recap of the later part of yesterday, in 3D printing we got assigned our projects. I will be working on adaptive parts made through additive manufacturing. For example, if a metal part needed to be connected to a monitor and you can’t just screw a nail into a monitor through the metal to connect them. Instead you could 3D print a part that would connect the two parts. This would show how 3D printing is a cheaper option that allows you to create a simple fix to an issue.

Today I spent three hour in the JB conference room for meetings and presentations and am going to spend another hour in there later today. I never realized how tiring meetings can get. Now I understand why people go workout during lunch because they need a mental break from all the information.

The first meeting this morning went very well. Kate and Chris showed their virtual prototype (created on Axure) of an application that overlays all the current programs TIM’s use. Then I gave a presentation of the physical prototype of a completely new application for the TIMs. This was my first experience of pitching an idea for a project that actually matters. I really enjoy working on this project because it’s more than just a grade. What I contribute is going to be used by other grad students and professors which is very inspiring and motivational. I learnt how different presentations in a meeting are from school. Professors would stop me mid sentence and ask me questions rather than in school when all the questions are at the end. It makes more sense that they ask in the moment but it still made me loose my train of thought, address the question, then have to remember where I was in my presentation. Over all it went well, and I noticed that the physical presentation evoked a lot of conversation from the professors. I also attached a story with my presentation (of a crash) which freed that part of their thinking process and they we’re able to problem solve and think of where I could fix certain aspects of the prototype. I think for next time I want to work on the creativity of the application, make it look completely different, and include machine learning. We also got a definite answer to go forward with a physical prototype and a completely new UI. Today we made a lot of progress.

Thanks and Gig’em

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