Day 28(britt)


Day 28


I woke up extremely tired today and it took me two cups of coffee this morning just to function like a normal human… so that’s fun. Besides the groggy morning start, we had 3d printing today, which I must say I really am enjoying learning about.

Alex has started giving us time in the session to design and look up stuff on our own which has been very helpful for me. He spent the fist half of the day talking about different types of rapid prototyping, then after our mini lecture, he let us design for a potential test print.

During our free time, I researched a lot. I learned in depth difference between FFF(fused filament fabrication) and SLA (stereolithography). Makerbots(the 3d print machine we will be using) utilizes the FFF(or FMD) method for 3d printing. So… here’s a little info about what an FFF entails.

When using an FFF, the printer extrudes material (typically plastic) through a nozzle and lays down consecutive layers of materials at a high temperature. Then, the machine allows for each layer to cool before putting down the next layer. This method works with g-code(computer instructions that position motors/ decide volume of extrusion).

This method is beneficial when you want to print something that doesn’t need 100% accuracy because tolerance ranges from .05mm – .5 mm and because it can be printed will little to no infill, it is more cost effective.


After our first 3d printing session of the day, Kate, Emma and I went to Freddy to grab lunch. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this but I loooove freddies meal options. I wish my school had a part convenient store part restaurant part Starbucks by my dorm like Iowa State does :/

We biked back from Freddie then it was time again for our 2nd 3d printing session of the day. At this session, we practiced creating designs. I still don’t know what I will make for my 3D printing project but I have an idea that would take some designing expertise. So, I’ve been trying to practice my designing in Maya. However, if you recall from my post when I was learning Maya, CAD software (and especially Maya) doesn’t come easily to me. That’s part of the reason why I chose to use Maya for my design. I figured, If I figure out how to use the software that gives me the most trouble, the perseverance will allow me to approach more problems later.


I’ll update on progress soon (:


xx britt

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