Day 36 (07/05/17)


I am in such a good mood this week because just five days ago I found out I got into Mechanical Engineering! At my college all the freshman start off in general engineering then apply to their specific major at the end of the first year, and June 30th was when we received the results. I couldn’t be happier!

On another note, this four day weekend was well needed. I was able to rest and recover from a bike accident and had a very insightful meeting with Lakshay (graduate student working on the back end of the UI), and Hassan (the professor working on the UI design). Everything makes sense now. Before this meeting everyone kept telling us “don’t forget to add traffic alarms”. We would always ask where are these alarms coming from? But we were just told “it’s all in the machine learning”. But who is inputting the information, where is it coming from? Response: “It’s all in the machine learning”. Kate, Chris and I were very confused for a good amount of time, but during the meeting on Monday Lakshay showed us his code that had all of the calculations that detect the probability of an incident in a given location. All of our confusion was a prime example of miss communication between the designer and manufacture that Alex always talks about in 3D printing.

This weekend went fast, but our deadlines are approaching faster. As we continue to modify and update our UI prototype we still need to write our research questions, Lit review paragraph, MCA presentation, methods paragraph, abstract, and continue to work on our research paper to submit to a conference. I just got overwhelmed writing all that out, but I know we can do it. I want it to get done immediately, but I know this will take some time.

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