Day 40(and 41): Real taco tuesday

I began my Saturday morning by working on my MCA. The good news is the the lab where my team will present our experiment has a working Vive. It was okay, until it stopped working. I didn’t know what to do, so I went to the gym. When I came back, I knew that I had to make some tacos for my American-American friends. I don’t know why there’s a stereotype that we are lazy because making tacos is hard as fudge. Making the meat was okay, but trying to push a million tortillas when you only have one microwave is a difficult task. You also can’t put too many at the same time because the tortillas in the middle would be cold. Ay ay ay!!! Fun fact: We don’t say that phrase as often as depicted on TV, nor do we say it with that much energy. My parents seldom say it and when they do, it’s because they’re tired or stressed. It’s never with as much energy as on TV. Also, I burnt my hands so many times getting the tortillas out of the microwave. Plus, I managed to cut myself again. I will never take my tacos for granted ever again. Also, I made people try Jarritos and I’m glad I did. These tacos were great and I’m glad I had the help of two people(my girlfriend and a coworker).

You should always get your tacos medium-rare. I’m kidding, I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t do that and I didn’t care at this point to keep cooking. Plus, I cooked the meat for a long time, so I don’t know why I was seeing pink. Lastly, I’m not sorry I took this picture after I already took a bite. I was hungry, burnt, bleeding, and stressed out from cooking so much

As you may have heard already, I had to defuse a bomb. I’d be a terrible bomb technician. I’d probably have my headphones in while someone’s giving me crucial information about the bomb. Aren’t they supposed to blow those things up anyway? I guess you can’t do that in a populated area, so maybe I’d be a liability. Then again, my mind can’t always compute the gravity of a situation, so I could be fearless. Then again, I do get overwhelmed, so I don’t know what would happen. Anyways, it was fun and I get to defuse more bombs in the future.

Day 41 was boring. I made chicken, worked out, finished my MCA, and went to Walmart. Walmart sucked because it was so far away and I had to bike a lot. I almost died, my cut opened up again(I actually scanned my own salad and wiped the cart because I felt bad for the employees who work there. If you got $5.50 an hour, I wouldn’t clean off somebody’s blood and get infected with Malaria, asthma, HPVCDEFGHIOIJEFOIJFEOIJFEOIJFESOIFJSEOIJEFOIJE, or whatever diseases kids get these days). My bags were ripping, it was hot, my bike was terribly off-balance, my mom called (and she hung up because I told her that I had to carry stuff), I had to carry toilet paper and paper towels because they don’t fit in bags, and it was miserable. Thank goodness that somebody happened to be driving by and offered to drive me home. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have made it home otherwise. No, I couldn’t take the bus because I would have had to wait for another 45 minutes. If only Ames had a subway that comes around every few minutes. I guess I’ll have to wait until I live in a big city. Actually, I’ll go ahead and talk about this now.

I LOVE subways. When I went to New York, I was blown away by the subway. It’s incredible coming from a town where absolutely nothing is within walking distance. I’m looking it up and it takes about an hour to get from my house to my university by bus. It normally takes 15 minutes. To go to my high school takes the same amount of time, whether or not you take the bus and it’s 34 minutes away. It’s ridiculous how far away everything is when you don’t have a car. There, as long as you have a subway card, you can get anywhere. I’ve spent many hours looking subway maps because of how cool they are. I think it’s awesome that I wouldn’t need a car. Honestly, I don’t like driving. It’s dangerous and I don’t know how I haven’t gotten in a car wreck yet. Sometimes, I’ve been in cases where I should have had an accident, but didn’t. I can only thank God and the other people for looking out. In a city, I wouldn’t have to put myself into so many dangerous situations. Also, subways come around more often than buses do. I can tell you that it’s miserable when you miss a bus and have to wait for an hour. Subways come around every few minutes. The major problem is that they have delays and it goes against the purpose of having a subway. They’re supposed to be fast-ish because they don’t have to deal with traffic, but they don’t do that because of delays. One day, I want to build a better subway system. I mean, I’ll probably get other people to help because I can’t do it alone, but I’ll help out. Maybe I’ll make it automated. I don’t know if I will because I feel bad for the conductors and I want them to have jobs, but something will be automatic. You know that some souvenirs actually have pictures of the MTA map on them? I can tell you that I’m no different myself. I’ve stared at the subway map many times. The cool thing is Wikipedia has a vector file, and you can see every detail you want to of the subway system. My point is that I love subways. It’s a major reason I want to go to a big city.

Back to Walmart, I was sad when I got home. My spaghetti sauce fell and opened up. I was too tired to pick it up, so I only got it when I put my other stuff away. I wanted to clean it, but I didn’t know how. I wish I had a hose to spray it down or something. I don’t even a vacuum! I don’t know how to clean it. I’m sorry for whoever has to do it now. I would help if I knew who you were.



After I cooked it and ate some of it



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