Day 44 (07/13/2017)


On wednesday we had our big video conference presentation with USC! Each of the four project groups got a chance to give a PowerPoint presentation of our work, and we got to hear about their work at USC. It was fun giving the presentation because it helped us verbally connect all the aspects of the project we have been working on. Since we have been splitting up the work throughout the days and not necessarily having a strict way to complete all of our work it was nice being able to finally pull all of it together. I think the best was to organize what we are doing is by putting it into a story. By creating this story we were able to identify the key components of our project and the flaws that we have. Now that the presentation is over we know what problems we need to tackle like connecting multi-tasking to traffic control more fluidly.

I also learnt that I really enjoy the lit review part of this project. I like being able to back up our decisions in the prototype design with research to prove we are not ambiguously making design decisions. There is actually hard facts behind our design. Right now I am working on some lit review while my team is doing some rapid prototyping for our meeting on Tuesday. I also really enjoy rapid prototyping because we are constantly changing our design to improve it and never get to attached to a certain design so we are able to be more creative which is where our best ideas have come from.

Two days ago Kate and I were talking about our college bucket-lists and I realized I forgot to blog about it. Here is a short, ambitious list of goals I want to accomplish during my undergraduate degree:

College Bucket-list:

  • continue with research
  • make a start-up business
  • write a kids book about the water cycle
  • intern in industry
  • start a blog and keep up with it (because this one will end soon)
  • save up for a friend trip my senior year
  • complete a hackathon
  • do at least 20 hours of community service a year

Thanks and Gig’em

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