Day 44: Presenting for real

So, we got a little work done. We’re trying to get our pointer to lock on to our markers and that works, but the rotation part of it doesn’t. You get rotated in different ways and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Seriously, why doesn’t it work? I’ve finally made a decision that I’m never going to work on VR in the future. It’s so difficult and it never works the way we expect it to. This is an infuriating project and I just want everything to work properly. I really hope we can get it done soon because this program’s almost over and we need to start collecting the data soon. I really wish we could have more time. It’s funny because we started off at a good pace, but now everything’s starting to dawn on us. May God lead us through the way.

Anyways, the real story is that we had to present our mid-oral presentations. I knew we were pretty much done, but I was nervous. Whenever I’m nervous about a presentation, I always listen to Lose Yourself because of one line: “He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready.” I think that being able to look calm on the surface is an amazing ability to have. I used to be like that in high school. One person asked me how I managed to not get nervous and that answer was that it was a little bit of confidence and lying and saying I’m not nervous. I made sure to at least play it in my head because it would push me to do better. What made it difficult is that we were the first group to present (thanks person whose name I won’t mention). Overall, I think our group did an excellent job presenting. I messed up some enunciation, but I didn’t crash and burn. Plus, we were able to answer the questions thrown at us. The other presentations were nice. One presentation read Equilibrium Theory Revisited: Mutual Gaze and Personal Space in Virtual Environments for their lit review and it’s terrifying. It was about how close people get to objects when they look like humans. One of the humanoids could blink and it would constantly look at you no matter where you were in the room. It sounds really creepy and I would come nowhere near close to that thing if I was doing the experiment. Another project had people walking in a curved path to zigzag in a room. Also, I was glad to see the progress that our REU groups made. It’s nice to see that they got so far and presented so well. Keep it up, people.

After presentations were over, I wrote a couple of blogs, went to the gym, then watched the new Spider man movie. I took a bus because I felt that everyone was leaving too late for us to make it on time and it worked; I got there 30 seconds before they did. I’m never sure how long trailers and previews are, but they were right; I wouldn’t have missed the movie. Anyways, I really liked the movie. I’m not going to write a movie review because I’m really bad at telling if a movie’s good or not(I didn’t see why people hated the Andrew Garfield movies). I will tell you some things, like Micheal Keaton was cool, Aunt May definitely got older, Tom Holland still looks the same, and I still think it should have been set in Manhattan). Actually, rant.

Why does this Spider-man live in Queens? Spider-man is known for swinging from tall buildings, so why is he in not in Manhattan? Manhattan has all of the tall buildings, so it would only make sense that he frequents there. There’s a reason Spider-man’s not swinging from the wheat fields of Kansas. Also, I have nothing against Queens, if that’s what you’re guessing. All of the boroughs are beautiful and have their own distinct features. My hotel was was in Flushing and I thought it was a nice place. I only wish I had more time to explore all of the other boroughs. Anyways, my other complain was that Aunt May is young, so she could have a good career that could support an apartment in Manhattan. Old Aunt May probably had rent control this one could just have a good career. Make her a head financial analyzer or something. Anyways, it was a good movie, but Tobey Maguire will always be my original Spider-man.


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  1. I dig the metaphors in this post. And thanks for sharing your presentation advice. I’ll never forget the one professor who told class, “Heart on fire, mind on ice!”

    • What metaphors? What advice? I just said to listen to a song. Also, I’m pretty sure your professor stole Heart on fire from a song from Rocky IV.

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