Day 45: Why is nothing working

Today, we went to our experiment lab to work on our project. We’re trying to get our teleportation + rotation mechanic to work, but it doesn’t. You can’t change the player move unless you move the camera rig, which never has the same axis as the player view. Basically, you need too much math to figure out even the simplest rotations needed. It helps that I’m an applied math major, but it never seems that my partner(who is, along with Computer Science, also a math major) and I can never figure out how to do the rotations. We spent lots of time working on it before going to our luncheon lectures.

Arroz con pollo. It’s actually the first time I’ve eaten that since our etiquette lunch. Also, I still think my dad’s bread is better

Our guest speaker was a really nice guy. He’s an education person and he’s over at the Veterinary building at ISU because he’s trying to figure out if students learn better when they have their lectures recorded and put online for students to watch. Turns out that in many cases, it doesn’t hurt the students’ performances. Also, fun fact; playing Chess with your friends and in compettions actually makes you worse at Chess than doing analytics and seeing what good strategies are. As you may have heard, I also looked at some Math memes. It’s nice to know that my second major actually became useful for something.

Lastly, we had to do another ethics course. It was mostly specialized in business ethics. It’s hard to be in the business world. I’m still scared I won’t be ready for the business world. My dad sometimes tells me that I’m good at school, but I have trouble at real life. Hopefully, I’ll be ready for the cruel and cold business world. He even told us that doing your 9-5 isn’t even good enough anymore. One professor’s wife works 11 hours with no lunch break. It’s a little sad how being an adult means no free time, but I guess that’s life. Hopefully, life will work out for me.


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