Day 46: At least we can give up

Today, we met our project mentors and they said it’s okay that everything’s not perfect. It’s good enough and it shouldn’t affect our responses. I’m glad that we’ve been appreciated for our hard work. Anyways, we’ve done pretty good work and we’re getting close to being done. That being said, we still have a lot of work to do and we don’t have enough time during the normal working hours.

For journal club, the article discussed trust in automated systems. There were many questions, but I got lost in the paper. I later realized that it was studying other papers instead of actually running an experiment, which cleared up why the methods section was missing. I don’t have much to say since I wasn’t good at reading this article (sorry, people).

We had another HCI lecture today. We talked about interactive media, which is using computers and technology. Lots of video games were discussed, which is cool because I know video games. I used to be a video game connoisseur and could tell you many things about the history of video games. I knew which where the famous games that were a little obscure, and I played so many that it would blow your mind. Anyways, that knowledge came into play when we played Kahoots and I dominated everyone in the competition.

Humble brag. I had no life for many years

Our instructor even let us ask him about graduate school, which is nice because there’s never too much to know about grad school.

I feel like I did more that night, but I can’t remember. Oh well.


Day 46: At least we can give up — 2 Comments

    • Impossible to answer. I’ll give a a quick test of some of the best games.

      GTA V
      Breath of the Wild
      Super Mario World
      The Legend of Zelda
      Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver
      Contra III
      Super Mario Sunshine
      Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
      Super Mario Galaxy
      Uncharted 3

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