Day 47 and 48: Yep, more volleyball and apple crumble

Saturday was spent lying in bed and watching The Mindy Project. I’m kidding, my team had work to do and we were going to get it done. We worked on our project and it’s pretty much done. I know I always say that, but it’s because something stupid always keeps breaking at inconvenient times. At least we can record our data. Also, we ate food at Starbucks (literally eat there. I had my sandwich from Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop) which was a good little break from working. We got our project very close to completion, which is good because we’re going to start running experiments this week.

After work, I had to go to the gym and get ready to go to Hickory Park. Yes, I know that I went there with my girlfriend already, but it was good and I was ready to go again. Anyways, our little group had fun eating more BBQ, solving puzzles, and coloring rabbits. I had a burger (because I’m a real American). Overall, I had a great time with everybody.

After that, we all hung out, played volleyball with water balloons, I had to save a whole bunch of phones since some people wouldn’t respect the no water zone (come on, like you’re gonna pay for them). then we hung out some more in the dorms. I couldn’t spend much time after, but I had a fun time. It’s nice to see your coworkers as actually human beings instead of meat bags that sit around you at work.

I’ll go ahead and throw in Sunday while I’m at it.

I went to go get a haircut, but all of the barbershops were closed!!! Seriously, isn’t someone so desperate for money that they would be willing to work on Sundays? Now, I’m stuck with this crazy long hair that would make the Beatles tell me to stop being a hippie. Anyways, I decided to go and get more apples since I was already out. I decided I would make another apple crumble since we need participants for our study. I got one person who says they can do it, so I guess it wasn’t a complete waste. If you want to help, ask anyone in our group.


Day 47 and 48: Yep, more volleyball and apple crumble — 3 Comments

  1. Let me know when you want me to show up for the study! Also Hickory Park and volleyball were definitely fun, and the apple crumble was good!

    • Right now(so this may change), we have one hour slots from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM for Wednesday and Thursday, and all of Friday. We’d even do it after work and on the weekend. This applies to everybody who wants to help

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