Day 54-55: Up the creek without a pattle

Good thing I didn’t do anything last night because I had to go kayaking today. Actually, I watched Spider man 1 and 2 since I watched this video(warning! It may not make sense to you) and I remembered how good those movies were. Honestly, I had lots of fun on the water! Kayaking is so much fun. I felt like Michael Phelps on the water. I don’t even want a rowing machine. Kayaking machines are a better workout. Anyways, it was really fun and I’m glad that I did it (even if I didn’t get a haircut. Well, maybe not). We had a fun time playing this game called Contact. I’m so glad I had a decent enough vocabulary to play okay. It was over too soon, but all good things must end.

Beautiful view of the Arkansas river

Why is the Illinois River so long?

Fun fact: The Nile River is the longest river in America. The biggest river is the Mississiisiisiisppiiiii

Burritos are WAY harder to roll than tacos

We were all hungry for lunch when we got back, so we decided to go eat at this Irish restaurant. I had a burger with fries and it was delicious. If there’s one thing I like about America, it’s steak, fries, and coke. No offense, but I’m (a little) glad that some of our health problems come from having too much food. Considering the alternative, I’d rather die full than hungry. Burgers are also nice. Later, we also stopped by Staples because of reasons.

My only regret is that there weren’t any more fries

Caramel cheescake

Not as good as my girlfriend’s photography skills, but I tried to take a picture of the sun

Well, VRAC. I guess we should pack it up. They got us beat

Sunday, not much was done. I will say that some of us watched Star Wars. It was fun. I didn’t really watch most of it, but the parts I watched were still nice. Question for Star Wars nerds. Why didn’t Uncle Ben just use the Jedi mind trick to convince the storm troopers to kill themselves and Darth Vader?


I promised y’all a meme, so here it is. SO to Emma for taking this. SO to me for captioning it

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