Day 57-59: Why couldn’t we have computers that don’t suck?

Today, I made more cool graphs. I’m glad that I got exposed to R because I honestly don’t know how I would do some of this data stuff. I guess I should actually be thankful. Anyways, computers suck because they don’t work. We had to throw away two days of participants because our computers weren’t working. Hooray for Windows! I don’t actually think it’s a Windows thing. At least we got Friday’s participants to work.

Thursday, we had a lecturer who dealt specifically with the inequalities that are seen in public school systems. He was very interesting and I really enjoyed listening to his stories. It’s sad how we won’t have anymore speakers.

Friday, I had to dress in my symposium clothes and I look dope as fudge! Am I worried for the symposium? No, I’ve already done one. It was actually a competition, but I didn’t know that until I got there. I don’t think this one will be a competition. Anyways, sorry for not writing much, but I really just did what I said in the first paragraph.

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