Day 60-61: Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Saturday, I went to the farmer’s market for the last time. I decided to get more of those tacos and I finally found out what the name of the restaurant is called! It’s called Carlos Quesadillas and they’re located at the North Grand Mall. That being said, I think I’m more excited to eat the tacos they have at home. I miss tacos. Anyways, I went to the music store afterwords since I was already on Main Street. I mostly goofed around on the piano and bought this book full of Queen songs. I only got it for it’s rendition of You’re My Best Friend. You can listen to it here. It doesn’t sound as good because it’s MIDI, but you can use your imagination. I hope to learn it soon.

I didn’t do anything for the rest of the day. I mean, I studied a little for the GRE, but I also did nothing. I have no idea what the GRE does. I’ve heard that it’s not really important, but all the people I’ve seen accepted into the programs I’m interested in applying have super high scores. I hate applying for grad school. Why can’t it be easy? Why can’t I get accepted already? Why can’t they send people specifically to look for me? Why can’t I be successful already? Why can’t I get a 170 on the math portion? I just want a good and happy life. You know, I could never get a 36 on the math portion of the ACT, even though I was pretty sure I could do it. There was always one question that would trip me up and mess up my score. I don’t what anyone says, but I think I can do it. I think I can get a good score on the GRE. The math isn’t that hard, I just need a refresher on some of the geometry. I’m just going to have to pray and hope that I do better.

Sunday, I went rock climbing at this place called Climb Iowa. My roommate was nice enough to take a few of us there since he’s a rock climbing enthusiast/connoisseur/expert/aficionado/genius/activist. He’s not all of those, but he’s probably some of them (he never quite told me what his deal with rock climbing is). For lunch, I had Popeye’s because I miss fried chicken. Also, I had to work a little bit on our project. I sent my mentor our data so he could do statistical tests and help us on our interpretations because ,apparently, we were doing them wrong. I blame R.

I went to Main Street to practice my Queen music for a bit (it still sounds like crap when I play it) and had to say goodbye to that famous road. At least I got to watch Star Wars when I came back. Nope, I can’t believe how soon it is until I leave everything behind. I think I’m starting to realize why people are so adamant about moving away from home. They get attached to all of the good things. I’ll miss Jeff’s pizza. I’ll miss Aunt Maude’s. I’ll miss that Irish restaurant. I’m going to miss having a gym close-by. I’m going to miss being only 15 away from a place on a bike. I’m going to miss the freedom to call professors by their first name. Most of all, I’m going to miss all of the fun times that I’ve had with everyone here. They always say that good things come to an end, but I never believed them. At least I’ll get to see my family again.


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  1. In terms of the GRE, just work on understanding the structure of the GRE as a whole. For the math and reading portion, it’s more about understanding logic than actual skills (except for the vocab parts). For the writing portion, it’s about crafting a quick, logical argument. Fun fact – they post all of the writing scenarios online

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