Day 62 (07/31/2017)


This was a fun past weekend! Britney and I went to the farmers market on Saturday and then went to explore the parts of campus we had yet to see! Then on Sunday after church Kate and I went to have breakfast and explored some more of campus!

Where Britt and I took our first photo together 🙂


Research is going very well! We just submitted our poster to get printed.

Final research poster

We are including the photo bellow in our paper to show how our rapid prototyping looks. I think it really shows how we progressed in the complexity of our prototyping in a span of about six weeks. I have really enjoyed learning about the science behind design. Every time I read a research article it ends up leading me to another research article that teaches me some other testing method or design principle I did not know. It’s really interesting because I learnt how to make decisions that are backed up by science. My favorite part is learning about the edge of what is known in science and how they are adding to it.

From very early prototype -> last rapid paper prototype -> Axure online prototype (photo taken from our paper)

Thanks and Gig’em

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