Day 62 and 63: Last Monday, I Gave You My Heart

I’m kidding, of course. I don’t have a heart. Anyways, I have to work again. Just making our poster better and putting in some data. It’s crazy how things started to go wrong when our poster deadline was approaching. I’m honestly not sure what I should say. Life is starting to slow down a little around these parts. I will say that I now realize I have to eat all of the food I have at my dorm because I’ll have to throw it out. I realize I forgot that I had a two salads. Good thing they didn’t go bad. Even the gym is starting to be empty. Mondays are usually full, but it was quiet. Everyone’s realizing that they should enjoy the good things they have in Ames. Anyways, I went to sleep early because I was tired.

Tuesday is the same old, same old. I did a bunch of work and made some cool graphs. We also revised our poster since we had the chance to make a quick little edit. After work, I did go back to the Irish restaurant for another burger because it was so good and I knew I wouldn’t have another chance. The only problem is I forgot my bag there and the people now probably think I’m an OSU student. At least the burger was worth it. Plus, I’ll get it tomorrow.

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