Day 64 and 65: Ice Skating and posters

Wednesday, we worked on our paper and made sure we were ready for our poster session on Thursday.

After work, we went to this Italian restaurant called +39. It’s really hipster-y and I liked the spaghetti that I had. I still think mine is better, but whatever. I had a nice time with everybody.

What’d I tell ya? This water is served in a fancy cup

Even freaking Bono came to this place

After eating, we all went ice skating because someone had their own ice skates and didn’t want to waste them. I felt like I was in Rocky. It was a lot of fun even though I fell once. What’s funny is that some people were too afraid to get on the ice because they could fall, but it’s not that bad. I don’t know. All I know is that I had a lot of fun with everybody. I think I want to take my girlfriend ice skating now. I wonder if there are any places back in Tulsa. You know, I ice skated one time before and I felt like a master. It was really hard to skate at this place. I think it’s because the shoes weren’t as tight. Ice skating should be heck on your ankles. I know this because that’s why Rocky didn’t ice skate; his coach told him it’s bad for his ankles.


No, I didn’t crash into Kate(even if people feel like I should, sometimes).

Thursday, we had our poster session. I got to dress in a dope suit, carry posters, talk, and see a few other posters. I didn’t see so many because the session was so short (yeah, two hours fly by when you’re having fun). Sorry for you other people. I really wish I could have seen other peoples’ posters and presentations. At least I got to make some funny memes from it. Not many since I don’t have all of the pictures, but I do have this one.

Picuture taken in 1944, Normandy Bay, France. Colorized, 2018

Rare picture of British WWII soldier receiving orders to launch a mortar strike against Russian enemies. Picuture taken in 1944, Normandy Bay, France. Colorized, 2018

I don’t know how to caption this one. 1964 New York World’s Fair?

The event was fun and way easier than my first poster session. Especially since it wasn’t being judged. It’s a nice ending to our part of the research.

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