Day 66: Last day

It’s nice having a bike. It really is. Unfortunately, I had to return my bike today. It was my last day and I knew I wouldn’t need it much longer. I went to return my bike, but no one was at the place where I got it. We were told morning, but not an actual time. I had to go to work, so I just left it there along with my helmet and water bottle. I had to take a bus back, but that’s what happens when you have no bike. I actually went to the lab because my team was testing out this new environment, but I got there too late. My team had already left. The good news is I remembered where my flash drive is; it was in my suit pants, not my jeans. That’s why I couldn’t find it this morning.

What did we accomplish today? Not much. I don’t think we had it in us to do much work. Plus, we didn’t have much time before starting our days by doing the course evaluation. We just answered questions about the program.

After that, we went to lunch at this Thai place called The Spice. I got ribs and it was good. Not as good as Oklahoma, but still good. You know, there’s this fake-Mexican restaurant called Los Cabos. I always get the ribs there. It’s really good. Anyways, I had a fine time talking to the people around me, even if they were the mentors. When I was in high school, I actually preferred talking to teachers. They were more mature and I felt that I had better conversations with them. Yeah, I was weirdo who didn’t fit in with my classmates. However, I developed important relationships that could never replace real friendships.

The cool part was that we got a bunch of trinkets for our time spent there. I even got reject from grad school! Well, what they said that is that so long as we can find a mentor who wants to work with us, we’ve been accepted into the HCI program. In other words, I’ve been rejected. It’s always sad to hear bad news before you leave.

Our mystery present

My rejection letter

About dang time I got recognized for my talents

The ride back felt like the ending of The Wolf of Wall Street. I had to sit in that car waiting for my impending doom to come to me. At least we had a fun mystery waiting for us. We talked to our Solidworks instructor for a bit. Fun fact: he drove through Tulsa once. Another fun fact: he was disappointed because the highway he took did not take him downtown. He probably took Route 169. It goes north and south, but never goes downtown. Honestly, he didn’t miss much. I wouldn’t consider downtown to be “Tulsa.” There are very few reason to go downtown and I rarely go. The University of Tulsa isn’t downtown. Most people don’t live downtown (partly is because of a lack of grocery stores and they want to avoid the parking costs, which you can’t avoid by not having a car since you need a car if you want to live in Oklahoma), no schools are there. I guess if you want to go to the BOK center to see a concert or see a show at the Performing Arts Center, that would be it. I actually saw The Nutcracker twice. It’s amazing. I also saw this play called The last Days of Judas Iscariot (fun fact: one of the actors in it was a PhD student at my university and I recognized him). Anyways, my point is that I don’t blame him.

Yeah, Google says don’t even try to visit The Blue Dome District

Later, we decided to have Hickory Park at the park, just like our first picnic. It was nice and we even played soccer. I scored the most goals because I’m so Mexican. Yep, call me Messi. I had a nice time, even if I got really tired and out of breath. Plus, I broke my glasses after running into someone. It was worth it since our team won. Also, we got little going away presents. I got these wax apples that you can’t eat for some reason. He also gave us some of this Mexican candy.It’s going to be sad leaving Iowa. I’m glad you all showed me a fun time while I was here.

Image result for mexican strawberry candy

Candies that we got

Image result for mexican strawberry candy

I’ll explain this to some of you gringo-Americans. We don’t eat these candies. This meme explains it all. I actually tried it for the first time and I have to say that it’s good. I’ve never eaten because it’s worthless to us. The best that I can explain it is that it’s like getting candy corn on Halloween. It’s not awful, but you know there are WAY better options.

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