Day 67: Goodbye, forever

No, this isn’t a suicide note. I’m just getting used to the fact that I have to go away now. To any future applicants or interns reading this, don’t do it. It’s a time of waste and money and I wish I never came to Iowa. I’m kidding, of course. If you get accepted into an REU, you should really do it. Coming here has changed my entire life. I was scared little kid from Oklahoma and I left as a scared little adult from Oklahoma. We’re all scared. Nothing ever prepares you for life, but you just have to keep moving on. Will I ever get into grad school? Everyone seems to think so, but I’m not really sure. The point is that I’m going to try anyways and I would have never have done it. I’ve experienced so many events. Screw everyone!!! I’m back and bigger than ever! Lots of people have told me that I’d never be successful, but I proved them wrong. I’ve proved lots of people wrong. Sometimes, it’s not good to listen to people. They’re not always wrong. The world is my oyster and I’m getting my Perl necklace. I may be a multi-millionaire next time you see me. I could be the CEO of my own securities company on Wall Street. I could be the CEO on the verge of taking over Bill Gates. I could be the president. I could also be broke, divorced, and full of needles, but I like to be positive and think that won’t happen. See you all one day, possibly, it really depends on what life has in store for us. Hopefully, you will all see me in New York or Boston. Maybe Philadelphia or DC will serve me well. I don’t know. May God be with us all, unless you don’t believe in him. In that case, you can have anyone you want with us.

I know I don’t mention names in here for privacy reasons, but I’ll break it this one last time. I want to thank everybody here for at least one thing.

Thank you, Eliot, for picking me up from the airport and giving me Palmer’s food. Also, thank you for proving me right and showing everyone that the first rule of business ethics is that there are no ethics and morals are useless when it comes to business. I guess I really will have to be a wolf when I get to Wall Street.

Thank you, Stephen, for telling me MIT is not good as undergraduate and that I may have just dodged a bullet by never getting in. Also, I want to thank you and Eliot for setting up this REU up for all of us to join. I also want to think you both for getting additional funding for two extra interns who also had the pleasure of joining us.

Thank you, Angelica, for taking us on stuff and telling us all about how to do research and telling us stuff about grad school. Now I know grad school’s not THAT tough and it’s more in reach than I thought.

Thank you, Anna, for also taking us to places and telling me about New York. Now I know that living Queens is definitely a thing people do and that the subways are as awesome as I thought. I know you tell me not to move there, but you never told me where I should live either and I got to live somewhere. Sorry, but you made me love big cities more. Don’t worry too much because there’s a chance I’ll live in Boston anyways.

Thank you, Jim(Dr. Oliver? I’m not quite sure. We’ve only meet twice. I’m sorry), for telling us about grad school. You really told me all about it and I know everything I ever wanted to know about it. Thank you for letting us into VRAC and learn about VR. Also, thanks for pointing out or spelling mistake at our poster conference.

Thank you, Vijay, for lettting us play around in the C6. It really is cool and I still can’t believe we got to mess around with a supercomputer. Also, thanks for having a cool profile picture. You look like those cops in the really old TV shows and it makes me laugh.

Vijay Kalivarapu

Y’all got some competition here. Better update your profile pictures to see if you can top this

Thank you Alex, for teaching us Solidworks and drinking from huge battles of water. I always knew it was normal to drink water.

Thank you, Jon, Stacy, and Adam, for teaching us Maya and Unity. It allowed me to make cool mountains and show off to everybody.

Thank you Kaitlyn and Jamiahus, for teaching us about HCI. You let me play a fun scavenger hunt and let everyone know that I am a professional video game connoisseur.

Thank you, Jon, for being my mentor and being so chill. It’s too bad I’m not a psychologist because I think I’d try to work with you (but my girlfriend is a psychologist!!! I’m not trying to say anything else). Fudge, I don’t think I’ll ever have as cool of a mentor. For everyone else, enjoy this going away present with we made for him. He said he laughed when he saw it.

This not photoshop, as you may think, Jon. This is legit

Thank you, Lucia, for leading our meetings and telling us all about graduate school. Thanks for telling us about interviews and giving us your personal statements and applications (even if I think you only did that to brag about your 4.0 GPA (that’s right. We have a smart mentor) because I got a few B’s and my GPA is not perfect anymore) . You were also really nice and I can see why you and Jon are working together. You make perfect mentors and I’m never going to forgot my time here partially because of you both.

Lastly, I want to thank my fellow REUers for helping me have a good time. Thanks for coming to my dorm when I offered food(like you’d say no anyways). You all made this experience something more than just an internship. It was like a summer camp where I got to meet a cool group of people.

Thank you, Kate, for being a mathematician like me, listen to me ramble on about Eminem, and never taking it seriously when I said you’re not a mathematician.

Thank you, Chris, for understanding that gringo is not a racial slur and for giving me a band-aid when I cut my hand off. Even if if you were too late and even though the gangrene got so bad that my whole arm had to be amputated, it’s the thought that counts. Also, thanks for being a Southerner. Also, thanks for having a car.

Thank you, Emma, for hanging out with me when other people wouldn’t. Thanks for talking to me and keeping me company.

Thank you, Jameel, for helping me through some tough times. You know what you did. Also, thanks for taking me to get my bag back and for occasionally taking all of us to places since you had a car.

Thank you, Sushi, for always knowing what to say when I have questions. I’m sorry I annoyed you with questions at home, but this was my first time being alone. Also, thanks for buying spices so that our food wouldn’t taste so bland.

Thank you, Austin, for living so close that we had a vacuum cleaner, salad bowl, and a car. Rock climbing was fun, so thanks for that. Also, thank for bring the Star Wars movies and a TV so we could have our movie nights. I kind of now wish I got the Spider-man movies so we could have watched those. Also, I liked all of your memes. I don’t think any of us could have made it through without your memes.

Thank you, Sofia, for being Mexican and having a mom who sent candy. Also, thanks for defending BBQ when it was brought up, even if our states have our own styles.

Thank you, Brittany, for being entertaining to watch.

Thank you, Natalie, for waking up so ridiculously early that I didn’t usually have to go to work to an empty office. Also, thanks for not taking the ridiculous stuff I say too seriously(because some of you people can NOT recognize satire and sarcasm).

Thank you, Emmanuel, for recognizing that mathematicians are important and that it helped with our project and for generally being a cool partner.

Last of all, I want to thank you, Naly. You’ve been good to me and you’ve been really patient. I’m sorry that I left you for this opportunity, but I hope you can forgive me because this is really important for the future that we’ll have together. I’m glad you came over for The Fourth of July because that pushed me to finish and work hard for us. Hopefully, if I do something like this again, you can find something similar so we can stay in the same town.

Anyways, thank you all for the opportunity. I’ll donate some money if I’m really rich.

This morning(yeah. Now I’m staring my blog), I woke up and said goodbye to a few people since I knew I wouldn’t be seeing them again. It was sad, so I had to have the last moments I could with them. I even helped take their bags because I’m so useful. Also, I had to wake up to finish packing and drop off my checked bag receipt. Soon, I had to leave with a few people. It should have felt like The Wolf of Wall Street, but it just didn’t. Eventually, they left first on their flights and we had to say goodbye. I don’t know what will happen after this. All I can do is hope that they have good lives afterwords.

I eventually had to leave for my flight and go back home. It was an okay journey. Fun fact: did you know that the airport at the DFW area has a mini subway?!?!?! It’s called Skylink and I can’t believe that this exists!!!! I had to ride it to get to my gate. The thing that sucked was I didn’t know which gate it was. I got several different answers. The monitors gave me an answer. The pilot gave me an answer. My phone gave me an answer. Finally, a worker gave me the right answer. and I got to my terminal in time.

Yep, gate C6. I don’t know what it meant either, but it must have meant something

First flight home

Hey! Look! Texas also has beautiful water

Second flight back home was also OK(sorry, I just realized that pun as I was typing this). The lady next to me was a native Tulsan and we had a nice conversation. She said she came back from a family reunion in Tennessee. She also asked me if photography was part of Computer Science and more photography questions. I wish my girlfriend was there to answer those questions.

Speaking of my girlfriend, my brothers and my mom came to pick me up. We went to my dad’s bakery to say hi to him and get some delicious bread which I’ve been craving and missing since forever. Then, I got to go to my house and eat some tacos. Man, I miss tacos al pastor. They’re so good and I couldn’t believe I was back home. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long because I had to go see my girlfriend. Yep, it was time after being away for ten weeks. She would be in Branson, MO, which is a three hour drive. Here was the problem; my phone doesn’t want to charge unless it’s connected to a computer. I don’t know why, but that’s how it is. I wasn’t sure it would last long enough for my trip. I tested it out and it worked in my car!!! With that, I was ready to start the long drive over there I just played my Eminem music. Eventually, I met up with my girl and it was all worth it.

Sunday morning, we had a little fun in Branson before we left. We went to this place with animals and an arcade. Actually, that’s all we did before we headed home. I don’t know why, but Missouri is really hilly. I was going up and down all the way back home. I even drifted!!! In my defense, it was raining and I didn’t see that turn soon enough. Also, my phone stopped charging. It said it was charging, but it wasn’t. It slowly drained. I guess God really wanted me to be with my girlfriend and he offered me the miracle of a working charger. It’s the only explanation I can offer. Maybe one of you electrical engineers can explain what happened. Anyways, the drive was eventually over and we got back. Fun fact: we passed by the world’s largest McDonald’s!!!!It’s largest in terms of area and it’s over a road. Unfortunately, it wasn’t there anymore. I knew the building looked familiar, but I was confused since I didn’t see the McDonald’s logo and a later google search confirmed what I saw. Some news articles say it closes and opens, so it may come back again. I don’t know. It’s an hour away from home, so I can’t really check on it too often. Anyways, that’s it and I guess I’ll have to go back. It’s sad how no one will see this post since the program’s been done for a while. I hope you all have a beautiful life and may our paths cross once again.

I’ll be back one day.

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