Day Two

Today’s been quite an experience. Got to tour the lab, see the hardware and software projects going on. Seeing the 3D printers and hardware reminded me so much of the Makerlab back at Brandeis; I just wanted to hop over there and mess with ’em. Hoping that we get more of a chance to work with that stuff, even though hardware is certainly not my forte.

Very good to see the C6 as well — a 3D projection system in a cube with 360 field of view. Makes me wonder about the advantages / disadvantages versus VR HMDs. Also, could we project other things? 360 video? 3rd person view instead of 1st person? Really want to make something in Unity and see it in the Cube.

Looking forward to the weekend. Had a lot of fun seeing Mayhem (local games shop) and playing some tabletop games, so hopefully will be able to do some more fun stuff this weekend.


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