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Day Uhhhhhh…..


So, I haven’t posted in a day or two… So I will try to shove all I did this Friday, this weekend and Monday into this post.




Friday we had our 3d Printing class. During our class, we got to start looking for 3d objects we’d be interested in creating. Alex mentioned trying to combine multiple prints into one, and this is something I think I will try to do if I find compatible designs. Our 3d printing session took up most of our Friday lab time.

After the lab, the group went to a concert at the Des Moines Art Festival. The concert was by a band called Saint Motel, and I really enjoyed their performance. Another cool fact about them is they’re working on a virtual reality version of their album. It’s crazy because I feel like ever since I’ve been at VRAC, virtual reality has been causally appearing all around me. Or maybe I am just noticing it more? It is likely the second conclusion considering VR has a projected revenue of 80$ billion by 2025(according to Goldman Sach)  it only makes sense that I’ve seen it everywhere…


Fast forward to Sunday—–>

Our group met up to work on defense for why we should use virtual reality instead of augmented reality for our project. We also worked on our abstract for the conference we are trying to attend. Then after completing the hard work, we went out and played volleyball with our CA – putting an end to a productive Sunday.


On Monday, I had some struggles which I do recall writing about( refer to day 25’s post. I’m not too sure that’s the right day # Oops) So, we can skip Monday’s portion of this post.


Our free day was spent prepping for the meeting we had at 3. If you saw what we went over in the meeting, it might seem crazy that we spent so much time prepping for the meeting (we really only presented our defense for VR paper) but that’s simply because we overestimated what our mentors wanted from us. We were under the impression that we had around four different papers we were supposed to be showing them. They weren’t all necessarily papers that were long, but we still spent a great amount of time on them- then realized we weren’t reviewing them halfway through the meeting. I guess it’s for the better because now we get more time to work on the papers.

After the meeting, our group talked about what we should work on next. Then we headed off to the apartments. At around seven, we had a little team bonding movie night. We watched Moana and it was really cute.


xx britt

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