Día 10 (6/09/2017)


After work yesterday we had some creative brainstorming ( which turned into head aches and arguing) of a T-shirt design.

Deciding on shirt design

I meant to learn some OOP before I got to work today, but right after I got home I knocked out. My thirty minute nap turned into me waking up at 7 am. Whoops.

Today is friday and and I am super excited because it is Alfredo’s birthday! We got to sing happy birthday and the staff bought him a birthday cake! So sweet of them!

We worked on C++ today and object oriented programming. Let me tell you this is a pretty confusing topic. I am starting to have a better understanding of it when they used a cookie cutter example. Cookie cutter is your class, the cookie is an object, and the sprinkles or color are the properties, and of course there is all of the syntax that goes behind that. Slowly but surely I am getting there.

In journal club today we talked about an article on MistForm, an fog screen that uses machine learning to change shape. It was a very difficult article to read because of the jargon and advanced math that was packed in there. The cool take away from this article was the convention that it was published, ACM CHI 2017


Association for Computing Machinery

CHI is this HUGE conference on Human Factors in Computing Science. It is sponsored by big companies like Google, Facebook, Bloomberg, IBM, and the NSF just to name a few. In this conference you can submit papers, demonstrations, case studies, late breaking work, and video submissions. It is a very prestigious conference and only the best get selected. Any undergraduate that would be published here would probably be accepted into almost any college for grad school. This looks like something very cool to look in to!

Thanks and Gig’em


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