Día 3 (6/02/2017)


YAY it’s friday!

HAHAHA! Have to love coding jokes!

So today, we started the day off by taking a personality test. What a lax way to start a Friday. I got a ENFP, Extraverted iNutuitive Feeling Perceiving. Out of twelve people, three got extraverted. I think it’s safe to say we fit the computer science stereo type. However, unlike what most people would think introverted/ extroverted is how a person recharges. For example being extroverted means that I get my energy when I am in a group of large people where as introverted recharge by themselves. It was also interesting to know that my type is bad at small task, deadlines, and procrastination. I think that my parents and Danielle can attest that . . . probably not a good thing. It is the Mayer’s Briggs (personality test) if you are interested friendly reader.

My personality type 🙂

Afterwards we got a technology tour! Definitely my favorite part of being here so far! This has been my first time exposed to virtual reality and augmented reality games, so if you are lost in my explanation trust me I was at first too. First, we went into the magical cave…* whoa scary*. Actually, it is the c6. Such a great explanation right! The C6 is the world’s highest resolution, fully immersive virtual environment. The man who gave us a tour of it was super enthusiastic I loved it. He explained 3D movies in a way I could finally understand. I had never noticed this before, but 3D movies require two projectors. One for the right eye and the other for the left eye. When you put on the 3D glasses, they filter each side for your eye and bring the two images together in the cornea. That is why when you take off your glasses you can see two images and if you wear your glasses upside down, the picture looks clear but 2D because each side is made for a specific eye. Technology, crazy hu? A movie theater has only two projectors per screen, but this one had four for each wall with six walls. WOW. The resolution is wild. There was a point when our instructor but us in a field with flyer jets and made one fly directly at us. I screamed because I felt like I was there and it was going to be hit. So silly. This experience made me think of an accident that Boeing had a few years back in 2008 I think. One of their planes crashed and it took them two years to isolate the issue and figure out that the crash was a result of ice crystals in the fuel. I wonder if they had the C6 to virtually model the internal parts of the commercial airplane, would they have found the issue faster or does it require more physical testing to have found the ice?

Outside view of the C6. It is shaped like a silver cyclone, and very VERY large. Wow so artsy!

View from the outside without 3D glasses










After work, we all went down town to the art walk on Main Street! I think the highlight of the night was when we went into the music store and everyone knew how to play an instrument. When we walked in the store was quiet but by the time we all got out hands on something it got pretty loud, but a nice load because everyone was so good at playing music. I even learnt how to play the ukulele!

The whole gang minus Austin, and Emanuel is covering Devi; I’ll fight you Manny

Super cute man playing music for us










When we got back to our apartment, we headed to the guys room because they had the oculus! Britt played the game with robots, not sure the name. It was really funny because it was her first time playing and instead of shooting the robots she decided it was easier to rip their heads off. HAHAHA aye Britt! Then they though it would be funny to make me play the horror game. I literally don’t fight anything I just get scared. I don’t know why I agreed to that. So when you are just watching the game doesn’t look scary but the sound affects and how real everything feels when you put on the oculus is wild! Oh and they also thought it would be funny to tap me while I was in the game so I got even more scared. I yelled bloody murder so loud that the RA had to come and check on our room. It was funny but I felt bad for the RA.

Thanks and Gig’em 🙂

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