Día 4 (6/03/2017)


The REU staff really wants us to not only learn a lot but also enjoy our summer that is a very nice part of the program! Today we went to go play laser tag, bowl and play arcade games! I haven’t played laser tag since I was probably eight years old, so being a nine-teen year old and getting to relive my childhood was a lot of fun. Our team got first place so that was pretty awesome. After, the girls played a game of bowling.

94 post super wow!

Shockingly I got first place; I haven’t played since I was probably twelve years old. Then when we got back to our apartments, we headed off to target to get a few groceries. The bus system here is really nice and has been very useful during my time here. Here’s a photo of Brit and I waiting for the bus in some shade.

Britt and I

During the evening, we went to the gym together. I really like the gym here because they have a large variety of machines and you can tell that everything is relatively new! I really like working out because it reminds me of how my mom and I would spend time together. Back at home, we like to go to the gym together and I always cherish that time with her, so going to the gym definitely helps with my homesickness.

Working out with my co-workers!

Thanks and Gig’em!

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