Día 6 (6/05/2017)


Today was an exciting and fast day of learning C++! I have been wanting to learn how to program in C++ since my second semester of college (which was just last semester), so I was very excited for today’s class. I am actually kind of sad to see that we only get to learn C++ for one week, but it makes sense since we still have so much to learn in only nine more weeks. WOW time is going by fast and I just started.

I just learnt how to program last year in labview and Matlab but ever since them I have been interested in learning more languages. We started with the basics today in C++ with simply outputting a string, however, I found it more difficult than expected. The syntax is much different and less intuitive than what I was taught programming on. Everyone here is very nice and willing to help, so I was able to get help from the super genius’ chris, sushi, and kate! I love learning in this type of environment where there is really no major grades being distributed and you have the opportunity to ask questions and research what you do not understand rather than working on an assignment that is a time waste.

My first program in C++ #ProudProgrammer

Also, going a little out of chronological order of my day, this morning I put on my dance officer shirt from my first camp in 2013. Then I opened snapchat and saw the new officer line was at the airport on their way to officer camp. How I wish I could go back to my sophmore year when I went to my first officer camp. Literally four years ago! Time really does fly by! If I could go back and give myself advice I would say to not be so fearful of any challenge simply live in the moment and learn all that you possibly can. I can’t go back in time, but I can take that advice right now while I am at the REU because one day I will look back on THIS experience and wish I was here again.

Dance Officer Camp Shirt 2013!

Thanks and Gig’em



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  1. That’s such a weird coincidence, does show how time flies though! Glad to help with C++, let me know anytime you need anything 🙂

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