Día 8 (6/07/2017)


I got a question for you:

What’s the derivative of Amazon with respect to cost of shipping?




Amazon Prime!

cout << “HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA!” << endl;

Anyhow, I hope your day was brightened by some A1 cal humor:)

First, I NEED to shout out my best friend Danielle for checking out my blog last night! Literally the smartest, most beautiful, boy magnet out there. Every time I am with her, it never fails that a guy asks for her number, or asks me for her name! It has become a game at this point LOL.

Today we started off with some more C++ courses! I probably ask the most questions because this is all so foreign to me. I am causing all sorts of trouble.

Fortunately, our teachers are so nice here and INTELLIGENT! They explain everything very clearly, and I have been getting a very good understanding of C++! I am becoming very interesting in coding and am possibly thinking about picking up a minor in it. I might just be addicted to the satisfaction of a successful program. Hmmm….

I also want a minor in Spanish as well though. Do I sense academic suicide. . .  possibly.

In other news, today was picture day, so we all dressed up in our snazzy red polos and went around campus to take photos. I love walking around campus because it is sooooo beautiful!! This is the type of college that is in movies with students studying outside on the grass.



Britt and I down by the lake 🙂










Thanks and Gig’em 🙂

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