Día 9 (6/08/2017)


Yesterday after work I went with Kate and Britt to get bubble tea. It was a very modern restaurant. The lady who owns the restaurant was so hip she had purple hair and was so cool with us. I tried a tea and I really liked it. It was very flavorful and had mango stars in it. After, Kate and I worked together on learning more C++ just for fun. The struggle to learn a new language of programming is so real for me. If there was a such thing as a computer science gym I would probably be bench pressing 5 lbs right now. I am definitely building up those mental muscles, and the VRAC cultivates an environment of motivation to learn and do anything. I really feel inspired to push through the learning curve and learn more.

Also, everyone has been making their personal goals public on their blogs, stay tuned for a post about my summer goals next week!

Today we started off our day with two hours of research which was nice because we got to dive deeper into our TIMELI project. I was able to read a few articles that Quinn suggested and I learnt about design concepts when creating a user interface. I feel like my progress is going slow and I am behind in my project. I feel that I am almost wasting my time reading, but at the same time I need to read all of these articles to gain the knowledge to create a user interface. I was talking to my group about it and they said they felt the exact same way, so it was nice to know we are all on the same page 🙂

Thanks and Gig’em


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