Eighteenth Post

Since the last post I’ve worked a lot more on the immersive Unity deeper dive. Jameel made an awesome arcade game that works in VR so I think we will split up what we are making. We can use Jameel’s idea for the Oculus Touch project and I’m working on a multi-environment C6 app that I may try adding some animations to. I’ll have to get some pictures for the next blog. Today Dr. Lee gave us a lecture about wearable technology and body scanning. I also found out that she used to work at Florida State University so hearing her impression of Florida was amusing. She spoke about her experience teaching in South Korea and it was really interesting hearing about the differences between school here and there.

Last night I work on physics until about midnight when I quit to play a game. I think there’s only one more two week period for physics so I’m excited that it’s going to be over sooner than I thought. I also found out that we have Monday and Tuesday off so I’m trying to get more physics done this week so I don’t have to do anything over the weekend. I’m going to go to a lake and jet ski, boat, etc. which I’ve never done before so it should be fun. Tonight I’m going to try out the new routes at state gym because I feel like I haven’t climbed in a while before doing more physics.

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