Eleventh Post

Since the last post we’ve worked some more with SolidWorks and read more journals. After working we all went to State gym to climb, found out they were resetting the boulder area so I finally got to climb some new routes. There’s not much up yet but they are still in the process of setting. I put in a request for a cool dynoey route on the overhang so hopefully that happens! After getting back I went to Jeff’s Pizza and got half spuds(hash browns) and half philly cheesesteak pizza. Both halves were delicious. I was planning on doing physics when I got back but I got caught up watching a show with Masashi.

We did more SolidWorks this morning and I worked on some of the harder tutorials which used some techniques that were completely new to me, so those were really interesting. For lunch today we went to the Memorial Union just so everyone could try something different. I got a delicious burrito so yeah. A new Portugal. The Man album was just released today and I’m listening to it right now. I think I have to listen to a song at least twice before I can really hear it so I’m currently on my second run through of the album and I’m starting to pick out the best songs. 3-4 good ones so far.

Daily Meme #7(In case any of you watched E3)


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