End of Week 4

I’ve been a bit bad about updating this, so I’ll try to provide the overview for the week:

Finished up learning Unity stuff, more scripting and lots of progress made on the Nav project as a result! Spent a couple hours trying to get the marker functionality working in the morning and finally got it right, only to do the same thing in a few minutes during our Unity class…

Making progress on the project. Finally got a proper collider working so players can walk over to the marker, interact with it, then see the second marker. Going to start working on adding an orientation to the markers so that participants know which way to face when they get to the first marker.

Started the Shaders deeper dive today, and it’s been super interesting so far, though realized that I might need to brush up on some basic math stuff. Here’s a pic of a flat shader I wrote and a normal map texture:

Shaders in Unity!


Also, wrote up some detailed notes on Shaders Day 1 for Chris since he’s out of town, but if anyone else is interested you can find them here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s201/sh/4deace49-56ee-468f-9b07-91fd10a0e46e/c7c17a1a38bc5e9456fd991b52bbc9dc

Lastly, we made an affinity diagram for Team Nav’s project, which looks like this:

Team Nav’s Affinity Diagram

Special thanks to Alfredo for writing it up and putting it into this nice digital representation. We basically talked about all the different parts of the project as far as our research has gone so far, and what we planned to do in the future, using general headings and breaking it down into smaller steps related to our background research and making our experiment come together.


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  1. Nice diagram! I like the process you took to create the diagram, and it sounds like it came together well. I’ll ask you all to talk about the “plans” on 7/7, so you have a smidge more work to do, but it should be straight-forward!

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