Entering The Eye of the Storm

Today I ventured into the eye of the storm…

The reason I say this is because we got to try out the C6 which is housed in a piece of art that looks like a cyclone. A little dramatic I know, but I liked the title. The C6 itself is a giant projection based virtual environment. I was astounded at what it took to power the entire thing. A massive cluster of Quadro graphics cards helps to power 24 SRX-S105 projectors. The engineering behind all of the parts was fascinating. I want to learn more about the graphics workforce that is the cluster of processing power that takes up an entire room.  As I entered I also started to wonder how this group experience within  a virtual environment would be if the room was spherical instead of a cube. Unfortunately projection mapping onto a sphere with that many projectors that can only sit horizontal would be very difficult, but still my mind wonders.

C6 located at Iowa State’s Virtual Reality application center.

Throughout the this trip I am starting to realize just how important grants and funding can be from both corporations and governmental institutions. I say this with a large emphasis on the governmental side of things. Before I have always been dismissive of government funding and interactions due to the mounds of bureaucracy that seemed to be necessary. However my views are shifting after hearing the faculty here talk about how a good portion of their funding comes from the government and, to my revelation, that even many corporations function off of this funding too. I still am not in favor of having to deal with the bureaucracy and red tape that is involved with governmental affiliations, however I am starting to realize how necessary it is to play the game if you want funding for your project.

It is exhilarating to be surrounded by other like minded innovators who want to push how we as humans interact with the digital world. It’s an environment that’s contagious and I’m looking forward to these next 9 weeks.



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  1. Your attitude definitely seems like you caught the research bug. Hopefully, it spreads and infects everyone in the program, pandemic-style(BTW we should ask Anna if she had that game).
    I also hope I can glean a bit of your knowledge in these next 9 weeks, looking forward to it!

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