Ethical Practice

Yesterday we all had a class with Eliot about ethics in the workplace. During the class, Eliot provided us with various thought experiments that required us to make ethical decisions. These thought experiments involved very difficult situations and were designed to leave us with no satisfactory answer. Eliot explained that it’s important to think about these kind of things now before we’re put on the spot in the workplace and then might be emotionally compromised.

I can’t say I agreed with everything that was said in the discussions we had in class, but there were a lot of good comments and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing everyone’s opinions and beliefs and getting to learn their thought processes on difficult issues. Classes like these are often exhausting, but I enjoy the topic and am looking forward to our concluding session on Thursday!


As for our TIMELI research, I’m going to have to rewrite our introduction for our paper draft. It shouldn’t be too bad, but I was going in slightly the wrong direction and I need to make it more to the point of user interface design. At the same time, more lit review and more prototyping. We can do this!


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