Extended Weekend Recap

Like the title? ‘Cause it’s both an extension of the previous recap and a recap of the extended weekend? Okay, I’ll stop.

So on to recapping Monday, Tuesday, and maybe a bit of Wednesday thus far:


  • So Monday TIMELI had a morning meeting with Dr. Hesham Hassan and Lakshay, who are working on UI design and development, respectively. The meeting was pretty successful, and we started on the path towards combining elements from both of our designs.
  • After the meeting, we went back to Freddy, where my family picked me up and we headed to Des Moines.
  • We planned on watching the fireworks and the orchestra but ended up not staying long enough to do so (it was really gross outside). We did go to Zombie Burger, which was pretty good!
  • We had a blast at the sculpture garden, mainly because it didn’t exactly fit their expectations. They were apparently expecting more lifelike statues and flowers and all that. The sculpture garden is cool but definitely did not fit that.
  • We ended up seeing the Ames fireworks, which were actually really nice! There were definitely quite a lot of people doing their own displays, which made for an interesting scene before the real fireworks started.
  • Back to Freddy, with another long day ahead!



  • Woke up at the late hour of 9:30. Got flag-colored pancakes with my mom from a nearby breakfast place.
  • Played mini golf with the fam. I came in third place, or second, depending on which way you look at it.
  • Went into Perfect Games and did the arcade for a bit. Proud to say that I beat my bro at a racing game (he plays racing games quite often at home).
  • Got Jimmy Johns for lunch, and Blaze Pizza for dinner (I can get a cheeseless pizza there!). Lots of fast food, but definitely worth it!
  • Walked around campus a bit with the fam and looked around before they departed. I showed them some cool buildings and we saw some that I’d never seen before.
  • After that, they left for the night, to get on the plane the next day (aka today). That was pretty sad, as that’s the last time I’ll see them before I get back home. Then again, that’ll likely go by as quickly as these five weeks have!
  • Did a bit of work (redoing my Klein bottle mainly), then watched some Netflix and went to bed.


Since this post is long enough, I’ll save a recap of today for my next post (which will hopefully come tonight!). For now, back to lit review, where I’ll likely spend the next couple of hours.

Till then, sayonara*,


*I had to look up how to spell that


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  1. This last weekend sounded like a good time. I wonder what fireworks were better this year, Ames or Dubuque fireworks??? (probably Ames’ b/c ours were a bit disappointing)

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