Fetus Dogs & Celebrating Birthdays | Day 10 (britt)


Day 10 e

So today’s Friday (actually today’s Monday… I forgot to post on Friday but that’s beside the point) and it is also Alfredo’s bday! SOOOO HAPPY 20TH ALFREDO (if you’re reading this) lol

I hope it was a good one.

Today instead of learning more C++ we just reviewed it which I was very thankful for…

I still have a lot I need to learn about C++; During our review, I focused mainly on learning inheritance and the different types of classes. I definitely need to practice more on my own though.

We went over a big no-no of research today. Plagiarizing. All my academic life, I’ve been told not to plagiarize (so it’s like common sense to me now) but what I did not know was all the different possible ways you can plagiarize; That took me by surprise. I’m glad we had a discussion about these different types of plagiarism because we have to write a research paper at the end of the program and if I want to reference other articles, I want to make sure I am giving credit where credit is due.

REU coordinators bought him a cake!





After our plagiarism session it was time for lunch – but not before we properly wished Alfredo happy birthday. We all signed a card for him in the morning and surprised him with it before lunch!



The rest of the day consisted of C++ review and independent work. I spent the whole time looking at these C++ videos a YouTuber named Bucky created. The videos describe over 60 topics all on C++. He’s really informative and makes learning new code really easy… so to all my REU fam – if you want another method for learning C++ I highly suggest Bucky’s videos (I used him when I was learning web development too! Sooo helpful).

Link down below:


Fast forward to after work–

We went up to Austin, Sushi and Alfredo’s room and ordered pizza and burritos to have a good ole birthday dinner for the bday boy.

We had a good game of volleyball while waiting for the food to arrive.

After the feast, we played on Sushi/Austin’s Occulus rifts. I was feeling daring, so I asked to play their haunted house game.

In this game your basically in a haunted house with all these scary characters (some of my favs: fetus dog, scary clown looking thing) and once they see you they run after you and you have to try and find the exit. Meanwhile, your only light source is a lamp that you have to consistently fill with oil(that you find in random rooms) for it to stay lit. I probably lasted in the game for two minutes. Once I saw the fetus dog, It was all over.

Here’s a video of some people playing the game if you’re reading this and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about (shoutout to you mom) because it’s actually pretty funny to watch.

learning salsa!!



After we played games for a bit, Sophia (the dancer in the group) taught us how to salsa dance and we had a group dance party!!


We ended the night by surfing YouTube for the funniest videos(which we found a lot of). I left around 11 pm because we had to be outside the apartment at 8 am the next morning for ROPE COURSES!!!! I was super excited because I had never been on a rope course and I got to try some really cool rope courses…





that’s for the next post (;


Until then…


xx britt

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