Fifteenth Post

Yesterday we did some more Unity, this time working with UI. I made great buttons. There was a duck. It was great. After this we got assigned our deeper dives. I got Immersive Unity so I’m pretty excited though 3D printing would have been fun. I have a friend with a 3D printer so I guess I can do that in my free time. I put immersive Unity first because it’s probably what I’ll end up using more of in the future. Everyone in my group got a different deeper dive topic so I think that will be great because we can combine all of our newly learned skills. We should have a busy week or two with our research now that we know what conference we want to submit to and what we need to do that. Electronic Imaging 2018 right next to San Francisco so I’m crossing my fingers we get in!

I finished up all of the physics labs last night but I still have some more to do. I found out Saint Motel is coming to the Des Moines Arts Festival tomorrow night so now I need to finish all my physics tonight! If anyone wants to go, let me know. Also last night, I also found out that my puppy somehow opened up a childproof Ibuprofen bottle and ate 15. I think around 3 is toxic for his size. So he had to get his stomach pumped but should be fine. If anyone has any idea how a dog can open that kind of bottle, let me know because I don’t.

Daily Meme #49 (⇓ I have that helmet)



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