Final Weekend

What a sad title. Every day that goes by has us experiencing for the “last time” something or another. The last group meeting, last trip to Des Moines, last time to see such and such a person. I’m not a big fan of endings.

Now I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s dive into the weekend.

Friday was a fairly normal workday, for the most part. The main difference was that we all had to come to work dressed up because Paul was going to conduct interviews with each of us, filming our responses to a list of questions (what was your favorite part of the program, what role did you play in your research group, etc.). He had given us the questions days in advance and they were all quite straight forward, so it wasn’t bad. I look forward to seeing the compiled video!

Kate’s interview with Paul.

When work ended on Friday, I packed up my backpack, grabbed my sleeping bag, pillow, and camera and headed out of town. When I heard that some of the people at the church I’ve been going to were planning a camping trip, I jumped at the opportunity. I know Ames isn’t very big, but even a town of 30,000 starts to feel far to urban after a couple months. And thus, Friday afternoon found me in my car heading down to Yellow Banks Park in Pleasant Hill for a weekend camping trip.

I won’t go into great detail of the trip (if you’ve been reading this blog you know I’m usually quite minimalist in my writing), but I will say that it was just what I needed! The trip was from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening and consisted of Frisbee, fireside singing, tree climbing, Des Moines river swimming, hiking, and Pacific Rim (one of the stupidest and wonderfulist action movies ever).

The Des Moines river at nightfall.

Because what’s camping without some Caber Toss.

Iowa really is quite stunning around lakes and rivers.


We ended the trip with tropical smoothies back in Ames.

Sunday was church, Pokémon Go, and Frisbee golf. I’m trying to get a taste of everything before I leave Iowa. So far I’m doing pretty good!


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