First Friday: Research and Artificial Reality

We started the day with a little training on using research databases. IA State has access to far more databases than I’ve ever seen at Samford! I think the hardest part will be to figure out which databases will help me most in my research. I’ll admit, this research bit sounds pretty boring, but I know how to speed read and skim read pretty well and after we have a few classes on how to properly read a journal or research article, I’m sure it won’t be as bad as it currently feels.

After this, and a little Myers Briggs acclimation, we were given a tour of VRAC (Virtual Reality Application Center), which is where we will be doing our research. In one day, I got first-hand access to the greatest pieces of technology in VR, AR, and CAVE. I am amazed at how these fairly rudimentary and early-stage attempts at artificial reality are capable of making their users feel. Just a combination of sensors, screens, and controllers could make me feel I was on the USS Ronald Reagan, fighting my way through robot infested streets, or just surrounded by holograms now appearing in the VRAC facility itself. These are indeed the early days of VR and AR and I can’t wait to see what future research and design will do for these emerging interfaces.


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