Fourteenth Post

After the last post, our group met with the WATCH group to discuss where we were at with our lit review and what direction we were thinking about going. Currently we have narrowed down to using VR for assembly training. There’s a 99.9999% chance we will be using Unity for this so I can’t wait for us to get started. As for learning scripting in Unity, everything is going great EXCEPT COLORS. I don’t know why I’m having so many issues with colors but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

After getting back to the apartment last night I just did a lot of physics. That’s about it. There was a dog barking outside and I almost barked back. That was pretty exciting. After quitting for the night I started making something in Inventor for the heck of it.

Daily Me(Interesting picture)me # 48

Building a PC? Why pay for a case when you don’t have to?


ps. does anyone play 7 days to die?


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