From Whipped Cream to Lightning Bugs

I think this happened because Sushi couldn’t find his fidget spinner… While waiting for a response about our IRB draft, he had been scouring the apartment for it. Soon after he gave up, we had all drifted to the lawn at his coaxing, and were practicing placing a dollop of whipped cream on our wrists and catapulting it into the air to catch in our mouths on our faces and clothing.

Mist was hovering above all the open grass areas:

Greenbelt sun rays:


I also got to see the last few breaths of a rainbow on my ride. I didn’t take pictures, so just use your imagination! (And don’t forget the corn fields in that mental image.)

This luncheon lecture another very interesting, conversation-style lecture, this time with Dr. Jon Kelly. We talked about the cognitive psychology of navigation—specifically as it relates to virtual reality—but also what factors influence it in the real world. For instance, a study was done that asked participants to walk straight out into the woods for a several hours. Those who could view the sun walked in a relatively straight line. Those who could not, basically walked in circles.

Although distance perception is improving in virtual environments, no one actually knows why. Dr. Kelly’s experiments are starting to shed some light on the subject. For instance, he suspects that participants use different methods to determine the size of an object based on how they are asked to express the size. These methods tend to have different, but consistent levels of accuracy.

My research team finally finished the IRB form that we needed to turn in for our research this summer. Now we’re just crossing our fingers in hope that it gets approved in time!

It was the perfect night to go to be early… Ya. I just got back (11pm) from a long lightning photography excursion with Sushi and Chris. It was awesome. We climbed for a better vantage point, hiked around in the dark, took photos very precariously, stood on an ant hill (yes, they bite), avoided a train, waved to strange people… and saw lightning bugs! (One of the things on my to do list for Iowa. Also, I didn’t know there was another name for them. In the west I always heard them called fireflies.)

Chris let me use his camera to snap this photo:Lightning_Ames_Iowa_State_University_Summer_Storm


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