Fun Start to the Weekend

Hey all! Kate here. About to tell you about the fun, if not overly productive, weekend I’ve had to far. Also will reassure you that it will be much more productive once this post is finished (promise!).

After work yesterday, a bunch of us piled into Jameel’s and Austin’s cars to head down to Des Moines for a music festival. Jameel’s car had Emmanuel, Sofia, Natalie, Devi and I, and we decided to stop for dinner along the way. As the first two places we tried has long waits, we opted for a place called Reed’s Hollow. The first thing the server told us when we were seated was that they had a very good relationship with the local farmers, and that they took what the farmers didn’t want and made great things out of it. We were a bit nervous then, and then we saw the menu. There wasn’t a lot of vegetarian stuff without cheese and eggs (I know, a tall order), so I opted for something called Tiny Vegetables, which included the appetizing-sounding Tomato Ice and Fried Dirt. I also tried the curly beet fries, which were really good! Seriously, completely recommend. If I’m not too lazy, I might try that at home as a substitute for French Fries at some point.

Anyway, I got what looked like a potted plant (which I believe was the intended effect). This plant included four whole radishes, leaves and all, on top of a mix of a custard-looking sauce with brown specks on it, which was the fried dirt. I’d already cleared up with the server that this wasn’t actual dirt, but it was still interesting. In addition, there were a couple other veggies (celery questionmark) mixed in on the bottom. I wasn’t much for the sauce, but if I’d liked that I’m sure I would have liked the dish more. As it was, though, the beet fries were good!

By the time we got to the music fest, it was around 8:30 and the performance had been going on for half and hour. It was pretty fun when we got there, though, and the music was pretty good. I would’ve picked a different song for their closing number (aka the one a couple songs before), but other than that I enjoyed it! It was nice to hear live music, and I didn’t think I’d get a chance to do that while I was here!

This morning, we went back down to Des Moines for the Art Festival, which was equally fun! The food was good, the art was interesting to look at (to say the least!), and I got to take some pictures of cool cars! Also, it was fun to walk in the sculpture garden again.

Much better than Tiny Vegetables

After that we went to a really yummy Korean place called Krunkwich Ramen House. It wiped away any memory of Tiny Vegetables, and, bonus, they had a pretty large vegan menu! So, all in all, it was a great meal, and the car ride back was pretty fun.

So there you have it! After all that, we went back and I took a nap until 7:30. Once I finish this post and eat some of Alfredo’s apple cobbler, I’ll do some lit review and then maybe call it a day!

Until tomorrow,


Below are some more pics from the arts and music festival:


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