Getting Organized | Week 6(britt)


Organization and Staying Task



After our 4 day weekend, today I am well rested and back at work! The 4 day weekend was a great way for me to not only get a lot of stuff done but also recharge and think about the direction of our research so far. From this mini break- I realized our project group (WATCH) needed some time to organize and get together a list of task with their respective dates so that everyone is on the same page. So, when I got to the VRAC lab today, I spent the first 30 minutes organizing our Google drive, making Google docs for the things we need to accomplish and adding instructions to the task (found via the REU website). I also created a color coordinated to do list because we have a lot to accomplish and I’ve learned through this past school year that trying to remember everything you have to do is not an effective way of keeping up with task at all.



After the organization, I began to make my powerpoint for my deeper dive topic. For my 3d printing project, I took some designs from Thingiverse and combined the objects and layered them to create one unique design of a deer with flowers. I also added in a chain to hang the design on a keychain or wall. So, in the powerpoint, I’ve just been describing every step of the process from finding the designs and combining them with 3d printing to any issues that came along with this process. The powerpoint is about halfway done, which is good considering I was planning on doing it this weekend. I got a great headstart; So now I am hoping to finish it by Friday- If I have time.




After working on the powerpoint, I decided I should start writing this blog now because for the last two weeks I have been really bad about blogging. Actually, I haven’t been doing to great keeping up with my personal goals these last two weeks. So, I am dedicating these next few days to not only my research (duhhh) but also getting my personal goals back on check.


I got to see my 3d print today and although it didn’t turn out exactly how I expected- it still looks pretty cool! Here is a picture of the design with support left on.

After talking to Alex, I decided that the flowers might print better if they are extruded (made thicker). So here is my design with the thicker flowers and one less chain. I have to say- I don’t know how I feel about the appearance of the deer with thicker flowers. Now I feel like the flowers are overkill… So, this might be updated soon.


I spent the second to last hour of the day taking off the support on the deer and I admit it doesn’t look much different(and one of the flowers slightly broke) but here’s the finished product:



I think I am going to call it a day on working on the deer. Now, for the last hour of work, I am going to review some VR software research so we can narrow down potential software options. Then, I am off to the gym.

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