Getting to Know Axure

Masashi and Jameel have been hard at work on the platform while I design the UI in Axure. Today I went from this…

…To this…

I expected Axure to have more design capabilities than it does. Given our timeline though, I probably have to come to grips with the limited fidelity and just hand it off to Masashi and Jameel straight from here. We’ve talked about continuing the project once the summer is over, but as much as I want to  continue perfecting the whole system, I’d need more information before committing to anything.

At the end of the day we met to discuss the design. Previously I’ve worked on UI design without any communication with a dev team, and I much prefer this! Tomorrow we hopefully have a meeting with our project mentors to show our progress, PPT-style.

We also discussed our plan of action for our upcoming presentations and research paper. We’ve begun writing, but still need to work on the abstract, literature review, methods paragraph and problem paragraph. And, unfortunately, we all feel the need to read more research articles first. So we’ll be doing that tonight!

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