Gloomy Wednesday

The “gloomy” part of this post is mostly related to the weather, not the mood. Although I think there’s a bit of a cloud of dread surrounding the presentations.

I’m actually not too worried about them. It’ll definitely be nice practice, which I’m looking forward to. We also have two “backup slides”, and are hoping someone asks about the info on them. We’re also pretty well-prepared and have a good idea of what we’re each going to say.

I’m mostly worried about the rest of the week, and the research that comes with it. I definitely feel like I need to do more lit review, and look into a couple specific articles (thankfully I printed them out, so I’ll remember to read them).

In terms of non-work-related activities, Sofia, Brittney, Alfredo, Manny and I did a cycling class yesterday. My legs surprisingly aren’t sore, although it was definitely hard; I’m pretty tired today.

I think we’re seeing Spiderman tonight, which I’m pretty excited about. I’ve been excited to see it for awhile now, and have heard from a lot of people that it’s the best one yet.

In terms of our paper, we’re still working on the first three sections and are changing the structure a bit. That’s another thing we have to talk about as a group when we meet tomorrow. In addition, we need to design a couple scenarios for the next group meeting.

That’s about all I have for today! Don’t have a ton more to write about. Oh yeah, Eliot’s ethics talk. I enjoyed it a lot, and am looking forward to it again tomorrow. I really like looking at morally gray scenarios like the ones he was talking about and analyzing them in-depth. It’s fun to talk about things where there’s not really a right or wrong answer.

Anyway, now I think I’m done! Going to get back to work on the paper and on designing some things.

Will update again soon (hopefully),



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  1. I feel the need of more lit review. I need to just take a whole day and read…
    How was the movie? I didn’t make it because I was trying to get some stuff done and fell asleep :/

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