Gym buddies & An Intro to SolidWorks | Day 15(britt)


Day 15 

Yesterday, I woke up to an unusually dark sky. This could only mean one thing

(Actually, it could mean many things but rain was definitely the most plausible)

As a rain lover, having the morning start off with rain put me in a really good mood and gave me the extra motivation I needed to take on Maya. Although, The quick stop at Caribou Coffee for a turtle latte with an extra espresso shot also probably helped. 😛

We started off our Maya class by reviewing textures and different types of metallic finishes that help give objects a more realistic appearance. However, like I said in my previous post, those steps were kind of advanced for me. I feel like I am still getting the gist of all the buttons and controls.

However, the way Maya is set up, I think if I understand fully where all the buttons are and what they do, I will have a much easier time creating objects that look the way I want them to. I’m just at the slow part right now: learning all the functions.

Luckily, In the group talk we had with Stacey, she mentioned that we won’t be using Maya in our group and will be focusing more on Solidworks and Unity. I still am definitely going to try and learn as much Maya as possible, but It’s nice to know we aren’t using it in our project(sorry Maya).

After our Maya time, we did the usual break time on our own then lunch at UDCC.

When lunch ended, I used my allotted 30 minute blogging time to catch up on blogging and after this post, I’ll be all caught up!  Then we started our first Solidworks class with Alex.

Now, I must say I really like Alex’s teaching style. He doesn’t go too fast, shows us how to use the software by actually demoing it, and took the time to consider things that we might not learn in a typical Solidworks tutorial! Now I’m not too worried about learning Solidworks. Also, this program uses modeling AND C++. So I’m excited to see how SolidWorks and C++ will come together to make virtual worlds in the future.

By the end of the day, I was feeling pretty sleepy and was ready to call a quits on my gym plans and head straight to bed. However, I asked Sophia if she was going to the gym and she said she was. Then, I thought: If Sophia can work out after a long day then so can I.On our walk back from the gym, Sophia and I talked about the many benefits of working out with a buddy. Here are a few we mentioned:

  1. Less likely to not go if the other is going
  2. Likely to stay longer if the other is not done working out
  3. Motivation to stay consistent

Also, Sophia said I influence her to eat fewer sweets (probably because I’m not really a sweets person as it is) and our buddy system is a win-win because having a partner continuously motivates me to keep working out!

After the gym, I went back to the apartment and finally did my IRB training. I say finally because I suck and didn’t do it when I was supposed to. Then I made dinner. At the gym, I checked my weight and I gained about 6 pounds from the last time I weighed myself (which was at the doctor’s like 4 weeks ago) so I think I’m going to make a solid effort to eat healthier while I’m here. Not necessarily to lose weight, just so I don’t gain more. Though, I’m not sure if the weight I’ve gained is muscle weight or fat… I’ve been doing a lot of weights so the weight could very well be muscle. Too bad I can’t know for sure. Either way, eating healthy seems like a good next step regardless of where the weight came from.

After dinner & IRB training, I started some applications for conferences. Right now I am applying to the Grace Hopper Conference, and one science one (I cant think of the name right now). I might apply to one more but I don’t want to sign up for too many because I know I will be pretty busy when school starts back up. Speaking of school starting back up, I am actually really excited for my sophomore year of college. I think that ‘ugh I’m so over school & need a break‘ phase everyone goes through at the end of the school year is starting to fade away and I am finally ready to get back to learning. Luckily, I have plenty of learning to do at VRAC that will hold me off until I get back to Georgia State.


After I finished generally writing the applications, I gave myself some free time, then called it a night.

Or so I thought

I was laying cozy in my bed about to fall asleep when I heard “Brittney..”

“Yes?” I replied. It was Sophia.

“We’re going outside”

I had no idea what for but I still had a little energy left. So, I was down. Turns out the who gang was outside doing this weird whipped cream trick where you hit your arm and the whipped cream flys up and lands in your mouth. It took me a couple of tries but I eventually successfully did the trick.

Here’s a failed attempt because it was the only one saved. Enjoy!!


xx britt



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