Hey Look I’m Blogging!

I’m so Good at Blogging

I’m not going to try and sugar coat it or anything…I’m really bad at blogging. Despite that, let me catch you up on everything that you’ve missed the past week or so.

Major Course Activity

Yesterday we got to present our major course activity. Everyone worked on a project within their deeper dives. My deeper dive was on graphics so my group made an application that worked in the C6. Our application used a custom shader to allow users to peel away the layers of a complex object. The shader itself hid portions of an object based on the relative position of the user. With this, the user could get close to an object and peel away the outer layers in order to see a specific part that they were looking for. The idea behind this was to make an interaction that allowed someone to view where an individual component of an object was by interacting and looking around it in a virtual reality environment. The scene in our app was themed around a corn form (because why wouldn’t it be while in Iowa), and on that farm there was a large combine harvester. The user was able to pull away the layers of the combine in order to see its other parts. The original application built in unity allowed the user to select which part they wanted to look for or peel away, unfortunately we waited a little too long and didn’t realize that the user interface would not transfer to the C6. Despite this we were still able to demonstrate the workings of the shader. The code that implements it and the UI is very modular and I will probably make a version that runs with a smoother UI on the Oculus Rift. 

Research Project Update

When it comes to my actual research project my team and I are making some good project. we have fallen into our roles a lot better. This past week has been spent learning the web frameworks that we are going to be using to actually build the application. I have been learning how to connect multiple platforms and tools such as React, Redux, Webpack. Babel, Express, and a more into a functional foundation that we can build off of for our application. We also have an amazing mock up design of what the website should look like thanks to Natalie. Jameel and I continue to work at the back end but all in all things are starting to come together. Web development is a beast in itself since it is constantly changing and so many different frameworks are out there. At the same time it makes it fascinating since there is so much and it becomes a puzzle where you need to find what pieces will fit best with one another.


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