I Can See Clearly Now… wait

Hello all!

This is Kate, reporting from the first day of (cries) our last week here. I’m trying not to think about it, so I’m going to write about more trivial things.

For one, I can’t see super well at the moment. Why, you might ask? Well, on Saturday, one of my contact lenses split in half (don’t ask, no clue how it happened). I continued to use the other contact lens for the rest of the day, but unfortunately 1) It was a bit disorienting and 2) I couldn’t find my box of lenses and it was very possible that I was out. So, in order to get through the rest of this week I asked my mom if she could ship my glasses up here, as I stupidly decided not to pack them when I came. She requested priority overnight shipping, but unfortunately they’re not arriving until tomorrow morning, likely after work starts. So if I don’t see you walk by or don’t make eye contact with you, it’s not on purpose, I swear! And when I come in Tuesday or Wednesday with a pair of large hipster glasses, that’s why.

So that’s been fun. Currently my screen is zoomed in at 150% and my face is 4-5 inches away from it, but the good news is I can see it better than expected! Sorry about any potential spelling errors that may come up, though!

So today is likely going to be a lot of close reading of our paper, as one advantage of a limited field of vision is a lack of ability to skim. In addition, our group might discuss our findings from the testing and how we are going to communicate them at tomorrow’s meeting. Today we met with Jamiahus and Quinn, which provided some insight into what we should do before we leave in order for others to pick up where we left off. It also gave us some insight into what we will do during this “transition period”, and in terms of publications and conferences. Hopefully Montreal is in our near future.

In terms of a weekend recap, I’ll give a few highlights:


  • Farmers’ market
  • Unsuccessfully searching for MAC in the mall
  • Netflix
  • 2 hour phone call with the fam
  • Walk around campus


  • Church with Sofia
  • UDCC for lunch
  • Fun bike ride around campus (Welcome to our crib!)
  • Tree climbing
  • Bachelorette catch-up
  • Bike ride pt. 2
  • Dinner at (you guessed it) UDCC
  • Star Wars
  • An hour of super weird but super awesome Youtube videos

Anyway, that’s about it for this post 🙂 time to work on proofreading the paper and formatting references!

Ciao for now,



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