In Deep

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this; my only excuse is that I’ve been working hard on the project. And hey, it shows, because we’ve been making some really good progress on work.

Monday we did our MCA presentations, and it was great to see everything (eventually) come together in the C6. I was super impressed by what everyone else had got done as well, considering that we’ve been balancing a whole lot — projects, presentations, classes…

The research project just needs a few more changes before we can start testing, though that has been put a bit on hold due to the fact that we’re giving presentations today, in less than an hour. So hopefully that will go well and we can get back to working on this Unity project.



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  1. It definitely was really cool how all the projects were able to be put on the C6! I kinda wish we were a bit more organised with it and had more time. Oh well, I guess I can just talk to people. haha
    Also, your project sounded pretty cool during the talk. I’m interested in trying it out sometime.

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