Jameel Kelley

Log Date 7 31 17 – Code

Weekend of Code

This weekend was devoted fully to working on the website. A lot of progress was made and a lot of things got done. However, it passed by very quickly because of it. I barely sensed when the sun was up or down. But that’s not a first for me either.I do love programming. 

Final Week

When you keep track of blog posts and work completed it’s quite hard to realize that 10 weeks have passed. I don’t normally have to put a 10-week frame on things but it feels like it flew by. However, as it passed it imparted on me a huge mound of knowledge. It’s astonishing just how productive 10 weeks can actually be… 

Log Date 7 28 17 – Grind

Everyone is so fancy

Interviews w/ Paul

Today we had interviews with Paul about our summer experience. I was a bit nervous but kinda got over it when talking. I guess I’ll see how it looks when it’s finished. Everyone dressed up quite fancily and we also got some group pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything turned out.

Lunch at MU

Today some people switched it up and decided to eat at the MU for lunch. I’ve been missing their burritos for a bit now but it’s not very often that I want to walk that far to get them.

Still Working

The website is coming along slowly but surely. Javascript is quite a change to debug when its all bundled into one mega javascript doc by webpack. However, as I go along everything gets faster, at a very slow pace… 


Log Date 7 25 17 – Radio

Hickory Park is still good

Lunch Lecture

Today we had a luncheon lecture with Chase Meusel, a recent graduate of Iowa State’s Graduate School. Following Iowa State, he went to work for Microsoft with UX. He shed a lot of light on stuff that would be beneficial to us during our undergraduate careers and moving on to grad school. One of the things that most stuck out to me was the aspect of marketing your specialty skills constantly. As in consistently talking about the skills that you are best at. 


This last weekend the cohort went kayaking on the Boone River. It turned out to be a pretty great time! We all paddled/floated along for a few hours and soaked up the sun. I really want to go again sometime in the near future. I brought my mini Bluetooth speaker along with and played some music (and listened to my audiobook for a bit).

Log Date 7 24 17 – Atom

Weekend CSS

This weekend was a solid bit of coding. Most of it was dedicated to giving our site a big bump on the visual side. Now it much more closely resembles the layout and color scheme Natalie mocked up. 

Technical Difficulties

This morning started out great..at first. Sadly it did not stay that way. After accomplishing a bit of work I decided to download a plugin into Atom (the text editor I use for development) that Sushi recommended. It was supposed to highlight any color values to the actual color it represents. Cool right? Not really when my computer froze up in the middle of development and decided that I don’t need to see anything on my screen anymore…

It’s been over an hour and still no success. Every time I try to open Atom my computer freezes…What did you have me install Sushi?!?!\

Horaayyy, 1.5ish hrs later and I can continue. At least I started this blog post…



Log Date 7 21 17 – Elapsed

Where did this week go???

Journal Club

Today was my group (CooL:SLiCE’s) turn to present our submitted Journal Article. I think the discussion went well, despite Anna scathing remarks about the pie charts presented (she apparently just doesn’t like pie charts). Some good discussion happened and I gained a deeper appreciation of needing to have a good germane cognitive load when doing learning.

IRB Delay…

Yesterday, after getting back with groceries, I was struck with bad news. The IRB process was going to take longer. However, I’m still holding onto a sliver of hope that we can still conduct tests before the program is out. To numb the blow I took a car of my cohort to Dairy Queen. But even before we got back it started to pour down rain. Oh well, it was still worth it.

More Progress on the Research

Finally, after what seems like forever, things are starting to make some sense again. Web development is such a beast that just makes you sit and stare at it wondering how to get through it… Anyway, the framework is down so organization, formatting, content placement and navigation setup can start. Can’t wait until it starts feeling and looking good. 

Also, I mustn’t forget to DO THE COURSE EVALUATIONS!!!


Log Date 7 19 17 – Drag

Food = Sleep

More progress on the S-PASS tool

Early today there was a bit more progress that both Masashi and I were able to accomplish. However, as the day dragged on we ran into more and more road blocks… By the end of the day, my motivation was entirely crushed and all the early accomplishments felt like forever ago. Well come back tomorrow and double down on our efforts.

Lunch at UDCC

Today’s lunch was once again crowded with small children. Not sure exactly why but we still somehow all managed to sit together as a cohort. 

Log Date 7 18 17 – Progress

New Stickers!!!

Luncheon Lecture Dr. Rick Stone

Today our lecture by Dr. Rick Stone was vaguely on the topic of Human Performance Engineering. He discussed his previous projects and his life from VR Welding, Intubation Redesign, and Weapon Justification. 

Even without his impactful research, I was astounded by the amount of life Dr. Stone has lived. He has traveled the world, done a wide range of professions, and became a research professor. 

Working with the Tobii

Today we spent some time trying to figure out the process of putting our product of the Tobii hardware and understanding the Tobii software.


Website progress!

(new pic of website)

Log Date 7 17 17 – Development 

Burrito Bowls are Good

Meeting Today!

Today we had another meeting with Dr. Kremer. During the meeting, we discussed goals for the upcoming weeks and things that we want to see get done. Things will be hectic soon, however, It’ll all be worth it.


The remainder of today was mostly devoted to work on the S-PASS tool. It’s frustrating but in a good way, I guess. Still unsure If I want to do any web development moving forward from here (after the summer).

UX Lab Tomorrow

Additionally, we reserved the UX lab tomorrow morning to fiddle with the equipment before actually beginning texts.

Log Date 7 13 17 – Maintenance

Updating more than Windows

(before today)

VRPrattle now can receive texts!

  • I’m still working on this idea when I have time. I managed to allow for incoming texts to be displayed on screen! It’s really amazing just how much technology is in our grasp. This is especially true while being at the VRAC and surrounded by such talented and creative people daily! Scary to think this will be coming to a close soon…

Luncheon Lecture – Dr. Eliot Winer

  • Today we got to listen to a talk by Dr. Winer, however, I believe he prefers to be called Eliot. All of these talks are so inspiring and really make me feel like things are in reach. This summer I’m extremely glad I am able to be here.

Ethics Lecture

  • Later in the day a lot of interesting questions were raised during our Ethics lecture. It was a bit difficult to wrap my mind around all angles of these difficult issues without immediately thinking of how I wanted to reply. I have some trouble speaking about how I would really act in certain situations and not how I want to or wish I would act…

Coding Tonight!

  • React-Bootstrap is coming along slowly. Soon we should be creating some beautiful web design.

Mid-Project Oral Presentation

  • This was a bit scary at first, staring at a video camera and trying to communicate what you’ve been doing this summer in a room full of smart people. I feel like I would have felt better if they were there, in the room. However, my nerves started to calm when I got talking and I’d like to think I sounded alright and communicated my points effectively…Maybe? Anyway, It was super interesting and inspiring to hear about all their projects. I want to try to continue to network with them and hope to follow their research (maybe to publication?)


Luncheon Lecture: Dr. Jared Danielson

  • A researcher at Vet-Med who intends to make the process of student learning faster, cheaper and more effective by incorporating Germane load theory into his tools.


Log Date 7 11 17 – Idea

Stress is really stressing…

Also, again, this was saved but not published…

  • Sunday trip to Park to collect pictures of trees
    • So our professor wanted our project to contain images from around the area and not just stock stuff so we got to take a ‘work’ trip to Ledges Park! I have a bunch of pictures I have to post still so if you want to see them please don’t let me forget to post them.
  • VRPrattle
    • So I came up with this really good idea the other day for an additional MCA. Basically, a lightweight package for unity games (both VR and screens) that allows the user to text get texts in the game. 
    • Reasons for making this
      • VR HMDs are extremely difficult and sometimes painful to put on and take off with glasses
      • In game messaging allows users to stay more immersed while communicating with other devices(specifically phone SMS)
    • My Presentation Slides
    • Github (Private for now)
  • MCA Presentations 
    • I really enjoyed how this went, however, I do wish it was a bit more organized. I would have liked to demo my VRPrattle project when everyone could see it so I could properly explain it. It was poor planning on my part to not incorporate into my presentation. 
    • The environment when viewing other projects was amazing! I felt quite inspired by everyone’s project and more motivated than ever to do more work on mine…
  • Submit Symposium and Abstract 
    • We also submitted our abstract to the Symposium today. It was a bit of work hammering out the wording and content, however, it turned out really good I think.
  • Zoom presentation coming up
    • This looming thing is a bit scary. Not sure were all too ready for this but it’s coming tomorrow…
  • Despite all of this I’m still loving this program and the atmosphere 
    • Despite being super busy with the program, school work, mentor work, and personal projects and stuff I’m really, really enjoying this program. This is especially true after things are starting to fire up on all cylinders. As things speed up I feel myself speeding up and it feels pretty good honestly.
  • SCP Foundation Homepage | Random Article
    • I just think everyone should check out this site. Its kind of a fictional universe where the organization is like men in black but much more evil. All writing is done in a certain technical style that makes it all the more creepy and gives the horrers a weird but cool twinge.

Log Date 7 7 17 – Night

Saved this as a draft and never posted it…

Tasks I did 

  • Prepared three articles
    • These three articles were for working on the abstract and problem statement of our paper. We discussed them in our group and began refining our drafts.
  • CSS
    • Began looking up how to format the website with React-Bootstrap. Surprisingly more easy than one might think. Bootstrap seems like just a massively large library of styles to use straignt out of the box. Can’t wait to make stuff look good with it…
  • MCA work until 9
    • I was really pushing for work on my MCA today. I got a lot done with VR Arcade Master but there is still a long way to go. Additionally, I see many problems with its UI and want to apply HCI principals to fix it.

The day before maybe???

  • Guy fell off of his motorbike in the intersection by Mayhem Comics, went to help him up but he was already getting up. He seemed alright but his bike wouldn’t start right away…

Log Date 7 6 17 – Starter

I should start eating breakfast more often..

Etiquette Lunch

  • I had a great time at the etiquette lunch today! Although not my first lunch of this kind (last year I was a member of the Presidents Leadership Class [PLC] and we also had a couple) I still managed to learn a couple things.
    1. Not to “saw” with your knife
    2. Spill “disaster” Etiquette 
    3. Professional vs Social Etiquette 

Craft of Research

  • Poster Walk 
    • Today we took a walk around to scrutinize the posters decorating the VRAC walls. We found things that we liked and disliked so that we would be able to include and avoid incorporating them into our posters, respectively. 
  • Mid-Project Oral Presentations
    • Coming up next week!!!
    • This is pretty looming, however since we have a good handle on what we’re doing from earlier in the REU and good meetings I think we’ll do just fine…hopefully.
  • MCA Presentations
    • Coming up next week!!!
    • I really need to continue work on this so I have something interesting to show soon.

UI Design by Natalie!

  • Natale mocked up some beautiful UI concepts in Axure for our group over the past couple days and it looks AMAZING! I’m sure she’ll be posting about it soon so I’d be on the lookout for that!

React Starter by Sushi!

  • Masashi assembled a starter for our project! That means no more constantly restarting stuff when something goes wrong!!! 


Log Date 7 5 17 – Difficulty

So much left to do

Back to work today!

Today I hope to accomplish quite a few goals, ask a lot of questions, and get on the same page as my team. 

Sometime soon we will be presenting our progress to Dr. Kremer and hopefully, we can make a push before that to get as much done as possible.

This weekend I’ve been attempting to learn a bit of REACT and it been so difficult for me. It seemed to fight back the whole way when I tried to change things. 

(end of day)

Its been a difficult day of trying to learn new things and struggling with all of it. Ill be waiting for this major payoff from the oncoming breakthroughs! Hopefully that is…


Log Date 6 27 17 30 – Bug

  • I spent 3 hours today redoing a tutorial only to find out that the problem was a port was blocked that I was trying to communicate with…arghh
  • Yesterday I took Sophia to Urgent Care, she fell off her bike and hit her head. She’s doing just fine now!

Log Date 6 24 17 27 – Delay

Distance is oddly…distancing

Forgot to finish and post this on Tuesday…

  • Decided to create task list and time charging
    • This made me feel quite productive that day. Would recommend
  • Luncheon Lecture with Dr. Veronica Dark
    • Very interesting lecture on psycology in HCI. It kinda brought me back to AP Psyc in high school. I want to investigate some of the things she was talking about further on m y own. I asked her a question on the use of “masks” on covering visual information during testing and why they wouldn’t they just remove the objects. She had said something along the lines of without new information coming in, it might give the brain more time to process the old studff (maybe like a residual information leak). 
  • Team Meeting
    • Time to produce! We’ve reached the point where we need to get a prototype up and running. Thus it’s time to React.
  • Movie Night
    • We ended up watching Moana in Austin’s apartment. Most of the movie I spent on my laptop trying to learn how to use the React framework. It’s not that I don’t really like the movie but after seeing it 4-5 times already…yah. 

Log Date 6 23 17 26 – Flow

Time to learn

  • Problem Identification
    • Last week my group went at it in brainstorming current problems with the S-PASS tool. We came up with a board full of sticky notes that we will be attempting to address in our design process this week.


  • Flowchart Making
    • One of our tasks for this week was to create a flowchart and to compare it with our team members. I ran a little bit low on time but still managed to create this flowchart

  • Up Next This Week
    • A lot of writing
    • More Design
    • Prototyping

Log Date 6 22 17 25 – Music

I wonder if anyone noticed…

(friday night)

  • Des Moines
    • Friday Night I found myself driving down to Des Moines early for the Arts Festival, specifically to go to a concert. I’m glad I was able to shuttle everyone who asked me for a ride! Btdubs, make sure you always check to see if the street you’re about to turn down is a one way while Kate is navigating LOL. Before the concert, we decided to get something to eat. It was a bit of a struggle without any reservations. Eventually, we managed to find a place. I can’t remember the name of it actually… Anyway, I got a Buffalo (or was it Bison?) Burger. We left just in time to get to the concert as it was starting, nice!
  • Saint Motel Concert
    • Wow did I find myself enjoying this concert! Absolutely no clue who the band was they day before either. If I see them playing again anywhere I hope to go again. However, this time I’d really like to have my girlfriend with me.


  • Back to Des Moines
    • Saturday we went back to Des Moines for more fun at the Art Festival. We took pictures, walked around, & looked at the art. It was rather chill and nice. Just wish I could’ve laid down on some concrete and listen to the bands play though…


  • Playing catch up
    • Today is being devoted to work. It seems like I started digging at my TODO list and found a mountain I was buried under. Oddly enough, I’m not too mad about having a work day. Actually, I’m finding myself to be very productive. I wonder why that is…could be…
      • 9 hours of sleep
      • No rushing to begin or go somewhere
      • Knowing my girlfriend is unavailable and wanting to show her what I accomplished at the end of the day
      • No nightmares 🙂
    • But what’s weird is…
      • I haven’t had any food yet (currently 2:14 pm)
      • People around me aren’t working
    • So I’m not sure what’s gotten into me but hopefully, it’s come to stay for a bit.

Log Date 6 20 17 23 – Robot

Ok but…VR is like really cool…

  • Deeper Dive Day 1
    • Today was spent mostly on my deeper dive topic, Unity Immersive. So far I’m finding it pretty great (That could just be because I spent a solid 30 minutes immersed in the Occulus set up test thingie…). It’s crazy just how immersive good VR can be. I completely forgot where I was until the illusion was broken by the tutorial ending. I could get into this…
    • However, we also ran into some problems. One that we could not solve was the issue of the VR camera falling to the ground whenever we started the game. The only fix I could think of (after failing to find the problem solution online) was to create an invisible ‘ground’ where I wanted the head height to be at. Hopefully, this gets resolved soon…
  • Journal Club
    • Final week of Journal Club before we start to do presentations…I think…just checked again and yeah it is. “VR/AR in manufacturing” is up first and I’m looking forward to seeing what type of format for their presentation they choose.

Sorry for the late updae, this day quite busy.

Log Date 6 19 17 22 – Bubbles

Am I early???


  • Simple Fix
    • A portion of the group went to Simple Fix at Hy-vee yesterday. There, we split into groups and made meals for every one of the recipe we were at. It was pretty fun and we also got eight bags of food for our apartment out of it!
(pic of simple fix)


(pic of burger)

The turkey burger we made from Simple Fix

  • Non-Alcoholic Mock Sangria
    • Decided to finally mix my mock sangria drink for people to try. Turned out as a hit! Glad everyone enjoyed it.
(pic of punch bowl)

The Mock Mix

  • We also had a little accident with the dishwasher last night…(not my doing)
(pic of bubbles)

The Foam!


  • Luncheon Lecture – Dr. Mark Mba-Wright
  • Craft of Research
  • Mentor Meeting

Log Date 6 17 17 20 – Applesauce

I slept for 12 hours last night…

Today’s Goals

  • Work
    • Refine Timeline
    • Re-Complete IRB stuff
  • Own Time
    • Complete LaTeX document for my mentor
    • Figure out VirtualBox with Ubuntu
    • Do some modeling with Blender (similar to Maya but I prefer it)

Today Consisted of…

  • IRB redo
    • Since we missed a few points on our previous IRB submission we had to take another day to update it. However, one of the IRB members did a pre-evaluation of it and found some points that we should look at and edit. This made the process much smoother and now we only have to wait for the updates from our research mentors.
  • Luncheon Lecture w/ “Birdie” Shirtcliff
    • Today’s Lecture was a super interesting insight into the world of Epigenetics. Dr. Shirtcliff discussed how so-called “squishy” feelings can affect real biomarkers such as cortisol, a key steroid hormones that is often known as the “stress hormone”. Dr. Shirtcliff involves studying how environmental factors can lead to changes in these levels and how these levels can affect the person’s psychology in the far future (many years). 
  • Applesauce
    • A lot of it…


Log Date 6 16 17 19 – Weekend

Listening to rain in the car…

This weekend I went home. While at home I tried to enjoy the company of my family, girlfriend, friends, and pets. However, I didn’t succeed In my main goal of my trip, to see my grandmother get released from continuing care. Due to a series of complications and insurance being as cold-hearted as it needs to be her release was put off. I’m hoping she’ll get better soon and finally get a real chance to enjoy her retirement.

Today’s Course, Unity

  • Today we began training in using Unity! I had a little bit of prior experience with Unity due to participating in the Game Development Club here at Iowa State but I am excited nonetheless! In fact, I have plans to use Unity soon to create something both my friends and I can play and enjoy. 


  • Problem Statement Edits
    • Last week we completed a draft of our problem statement/paragraph and sent it off to be evaluated by our graduate mentor. Today we received some feedback on it and need to so some more work on it. We might have to work a bit harder but I don’t think this puts us too far behind schedule.
  • Time to chose a web framework & begin our main sprint
    • For our current timeline, we are aiming to try to get a prototype of the web framework roughed out by the end of the week. We need to detail what still needs to go into this and thus this brings me to my next point
  • Gantt Charts
    • It’s time to fully detail out the tasks we need to accomplish and so we are using Asana with Instagantt to meet our requirements. So far there have been only minor problems with the software and the UI is quite pretty so I enjoy it.

Log Date 6 16 17 18 – Home

Some research can be kinda sketchy… 😕

  • Journal Club
    • Journal Club today was interesting, for a couple reasons. Firstly, I decided not to actually print this paper off this time and instead use my computer. However my laptop had other plans, like updating for 40 mins…then running out of battery…then freezing…
    • However, actual Journal Club was interesting. I learned quite a few new terms like p-hacking(Aka data dredging), the File drawer(Publication bias), and the Cronbach’s alpha.
  • Solidworks
    • Solidworks day today! Here are some examples of what I did…
    • I’m not too sure I love Solidworks but its kinda nice to have exact measurements for the part. I’m not sure I’ll use it too much outside of this program unless I’m required to…or I decide to take up 3D printing.
  • Going Home
    • This weekend I’m headed back home. My grandma should be soon released from continuing care in Ceder Rapids and I’d be nice if I were there to help. So hopefully they can find a place for her this weekend. Additionally, it will be very nice to see my family, my girlfriend, and my pets again. 

(Forgot to hit publish…)

Log Date 6 13 17 16 – Food

I really wanted some morning coffee…


I kind of missed blogging yesterday so I’ll just highlight certain parts

  • Luncheon Lecture with Dr. Adarsh Krishnamurthy
    • We began the day with a Luncheon lecture with Dr. Adarsh Krishnamurthy. The research was really fascinating. Despite not having a background in Biology he was doing work on modeling the human heart for individuals. As of now, it takes about two weeks to create a model with the requisite data (e.g. the game of medical scans) but it seems the goal is to improve that so scientists will be able to understand why certain individual reject certain treatments. Specifically, now he is working with understanding why approximately 40% of patients implanted with a pacemaker fail to respond. The crazy thing is that he already had a pinpointed factor correlating with those parents that rejected the pacemaker! Research is such a crazy field and it kind of makes me want to be a part of it. Ya know, contribute to something bigger, that will positively affect…evereyone(?).
  • Research Meeting 
    • During the day we had our second full team meeting about CooL:SLiCE. Things are ramping up a little bit and we need to get our schedule and IRB form together soon. However, I’m still confident that we can complete everything on time.
  • Intro to HCI Course
    • We had a new course also with a new presenter. It was all about the into to HCI and its past, present, and possible future. I think I’m really enjoying the HCI program and just how interdisciplinary it is. Oh and for anyone reading this that in the program, don’t forget to be on the lookout for bad design girl!
  • Light Painting
    • After work, we took some time to experiment with light painting. It was a blast! We used our phones as light sources and Paul set his camera for a long (~20 second) exposure time. It worked brilliantly! As we got more familiar with “painting” our designs became more and more complex. Groups started interacting and soon we got stuff like this…

(pic of light painting)

  • Cont’d
    • Overall it was a lot of fun and I’d be willing to try to make some even crazier designs again sometime.
  • IRB Approval Form Draft
    • Late last night we attempted to buckle down and finish a good draft of the IRB approval form. After a couple hours of hammering away at it with some joke breaks, we finished what we could and sent it to be reviewed. 
  • Late Walmart Run w/ Kate
    • So Kate’s apartment is having some ant problems. After our group meeting about completing IRB stuff, we went to Walmart to pick up some bug spray. As all Walmart shopping trips tend to go we ended up getting a bunch more than just the spray. Mostly we just limited it to cooking utensils but I also picked up this weird looking hollow chocolate with something inside, I have yet to see what’s inside…

(chocolate pic)

  • Breakfast Puffs – Recipe Complements of Sushi
    • I made some pastries stuffed with peppers, tomatoes, onions, and ham! I’m really enjoying them. 
    • Recipe
      • Filling (You can alter depending on your tastes)
        • Red Pepper
        • Tomatoes
        • Onion
      • Pastry
        • Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
        • Egg Wash
      • Instructions
        • Set oven to 400° F
        • Dice filling ingredients
        • Saute ingredients in pan [I added some salt to taste]
        • Flatten biscuits on pan [dont forget to greese]
        • brush egg wash on edges of bottom biscuit
        • place filling on bottom biscuit
        • cover with top biscuit
        • use fork to crimp edges
        • cut holes in top biscuit[get creative here 🙂 ]
        • brush whole creation with egg wash
        • place in oven, let bake for ~15 mins or until golden brown

(pic of food)


  • Biking in the Rain
    • It was rainy out this morning but I still decided it would be alright to bike to work (aka I would’ve been late if I tried to take the bus or walk). It wasn’t too bad but splashing through puddles was slightly unpleasant. I need to remember to bring my bike seat inside with me so I won’t get a wet butt next time I unwittingly sit down on it.
  • Final Maya Course
    • Today we had our final Maya course. My final thoughts on it: I’ll probably stick with Blender unless it specifically required to use Maya. From what I’ve seen, Maya is prone to crashing, difficult to find specific tools, and seems to have a much less…open and friendly(?) community. I’m going to attribute to it being used widely in industry and Blender being widely used by many b/c freeware. But this is all my own limited opinion


Log Date 6 12 17 14 – Build

My monitor is stuck on its lowest height…

…and Sushi fixed it.


  • Ropes Course
    • I had a lot of fun with this! We went to Williamsburg, IA to do a team building ropes course for the whole REU team last Saturday. Over the course of the day, we completed different activities that progressively got more difficult combination in climbing a huge tower(we had people who belayed for the climber).
  • Food Shopping!
    • I finally broke down and went food shopping at Aldi’s. I started out now wanting to buy much but slowly got the point where I bought the ingredients for spaghetti. Along with that I finally got myself some skim milk! You don’t know how much I love me some skim milk. 


  • Bike Repair
    • I slept in on Sunday, however, when I woke up Sofia had messaged me asking if I was going to do more bike repair at the shop. I figured why not and ended up spending a couple hours there working on a bike. I find it rather fun tinkering with the bikes until I can get them just right(or even close enough).
  • Homemade Spaghetti
    • Sunday night I decided it was time to make the Spaghetti. I wasn’t quite sure how much to make so naturally I made wayyyyyy too much. Even splitting it in half I felt terrible that I ate it all in one sitting. However, it was super good!

(pic of Spaghetti)


  • Finally paid off my parking tickets
    • Instead of going straight to lunch I went to the Armory to pay off my parking tickets I incurred prior to putting my parking permit on. Luckily, it went quickly enough that I didn’t have to skip lunch entirely! However, in my rush to eat enough I was much looser on counting how much I was eating and definitely overate. 🙁
  • Maya!
    • Today we’re learning Maya the 3D CAD industry standard tool. Luckily for me, I had already done some work in Blender (to create models for Unity) and was able to mostly jump right in. Maya seems quite similar to Blender, just different ways of going about things. Once again excited to learn something new!


Log Date 6 9 17 11 – Sleep

//TODO: Actually write this…

Nightmares don’t last forever, eventually you wake up.

Today was a rather difficult, but fun day.

I started out by driving out to the ISU dairy farm with Kate and Alfredo where they graciously provided us with breakfast donuts.

Then we rushed to work where we began by celebrating Alfredo’s birthday (with cake)

(pic of cake)

Following that we started our final C++ day. This day was much more difficult than the others, it really started to diverge from Java. Despite struggling for a while with understanding it I made some progress and learned some stuff. If nothing else I now have a solid base for future classes.

We then went to Journal club…TBC

The rest of the day consisted of making research project plans, struggling with C++ and MVC coding structure, and giving a small tour of the library. 

After getting back I thought about going to the small get together everyone was having for Alfredo’s birthday but I fell asleep and stayed asleep until 7:30 the next morning…

Log Date 6 8 17 10 – Share

Why are there monkeys on the vent?


I had a very early night yesterday and yet I’m somehow very tired still. 

After work, I went to Cover (building) and did some work for my NSBE mentor. While there I discovered a much nicer solution to creating, editing, and sharing LaTeX documents, ShareLaTeX. In my opinion, it is much simpler to use and they have plenty of tutorals, examples, and templates to get started with.


  • Luncheon Lecture w/ Dr. Sherry Berghefer
    • Our luncheon lecture today was focused on Hyperreality and the impact of that on future advertising and human interaction with media. It’s a bit scary to think that in her study she showed that her participants could only distinguish altered images about 40% of the time (real images and created images were distinguished drastically less).
    • I attempted to find her paper so I could link it but couldn’t in a short amount of time, if anyone else can find it let me know, please 🙂
    • New Terms
      • Digital Native
        • A person who has grown up learning and being connected to technology, specifically computers, and the internet
      • Digital Immigrant 
        • A person (usually someone who grew up before the internet existed) who was previously unfamiliar with the technology, computers, and the internet and are now using technology skills.
  • Craft of Research #2
    • Today we discussed IRB things that may be relevant for us to know for our current/future research pursuits. 
    • We also reviewed plagiarism in research and how to avoid it. My favorite was 
  • Ropes Course Wavers
    • Had to fill out the waiver for the Ropes course that was going to this Saturday, kinda regretting forgetting my tennis shoes now… 
    • There was a part that mentioned a swing that may induce stress and it worried me a little too.

Log Date 6 7 17 9 – Snapshot

Wandering alone is nice sometimes

I can’t believe that were over a week in now. It’s not because of a lack of progress or anything but it just flew by. 

We had another C++ course this morning. I’m not actually finding it that difficult to transfer my skills from Java and C to C++. Although I need to pay better attention to directions that in the code.

After lunch, we had an hour to take pictures.


Log Date 6 6 17 8 – Ham

Perfect view of the Kung Fu Panda Poster


Yesterday, after finishing work I had to go to a meeting with my mentor. Although I learned a lot I would have liked to go the pool. At the same time, I also needed to go grocery shopping…It sucks when events line up so you have to choose only one. Ok I know I can go grocery shopping at any point but that doesn’t help my point now much doesn’t it?

The highlight of yesterday was definitely the impromptu viewing party for Hamilton. I brought my computer out of my room so we could try out some games I have. However, we pulled up a Hamilton video to check if it was working and before we knew it we had watched all of the musical. Definitely worth it though.


Today seemed like a very productive day. Some of the things we accomplished were.

  • Progress was made in understanding the project during our meeting with our graduate mentor meeting
  • I learned how to multiply matrices! Super important for this project
  • We reached out to contact Wayne state to gather information on 
  • We made the first steps into thinking about the study we want to perform to evaluate the usability of the current S-PASS system.

Also, I had a delicious caramel latte from Caribou Coffee

(pic of latte)

Now for the Game Night!

After Game Night I ended up joining Brittney and Sofia going to the gym. Today ended up being another leg day. Oh well. There we found Alfredo also working out. After using a couple different leg machines for about an hour we all walked back to our apartments. 

Also, here are some pretty pictures I got of the C6…

(light off C6)

(pic of C6)


Log Date 6 5 17 7 – Oil

Drawing…I should do more of that


Yesterday was physically exhausting for multiple reasons, one being the fact that I basically didn’t eat food until the Welcome Picnic at 4:30… I really need to buy some groceries.

  • Bike Repair
    • I woke up around 10 am to prepare to drive myself and some others to the Reliable St bike repair shop. Once there we worked on bikes for 3 – 4 hours! I lost track of the time and at the end, I didn’t even have my own bike fixed. Oh well, I’ll probably be going next weekend as well to help others get bikes.
  • REU Welcome Picnic
    • When we went to the REU picnic I ended up driving as many people as my car could safely hold. The picnic started with an extremely tasty meal from Hickory Park. I was pleasantly surprised by the mashed potatoes and the beans. It’s kinda hard eating right this summer with all this good food around. Then, Devi, Chris, and I proceeded to throw a frisbee around for a bit. By the time we were done it was about time to pack up and leave.
  • Leg Day
    • For the final part of my day, I went to the gym with both Masashi and Alfredo for a squat day. Along with the squats, we did an abs workout the end of the night. I knew that it would be very tough for me to walk the day after (and it is).
  • Early Night
    • I turned it in early at night being exhausted from the lack of early food and very physical day.


  • C++
    • This morning we started our first course on C++. So far it’s not nearly as bad as I had anticipated it would be. For some reason I was thinking, much like C, C++ didn’t have a concept of Strings. However, I was pleasantly surprised it did along with many other concepts I am already familiar with.
  • Lunch
    • I’m finding it very difficult to keep up my calorie restriction now. I need to stay disciplined otherwise it will end much like any of the other times, a full stomach of regret.

Favorite Log Date 6 3 17 5 – Fear


Sticky Tack…I need some

(Addressing 6/2/17)

Yesterday(and night) were awesome! Yesternight??? Whatever…

The day consisted of

  • VRAC Tech Tour
    • It’s so exciting to see all the technology available at the VRAC. The more I saw the more I thought Iowa State was much more impressive than I ever gave them credit. I am more proud of ISU now than any sports victory could make me feel.
  • Journal Club
    • My group was assigned to go fourth on reviewing a paper
    • Seminar-style classes seem weird but I’m interested to compare them with my existing knowledge of Lecture style classes
  • Meyers-Briggs Stuff
    • Take the test again here 
    • I’m an INFP
      • Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving

INFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder. One might say they see life through rose-colored glasses. It’s as though they live at the edge of a looking-glass world where mundane objects come to life, where flora and fauna take on near-human qualities.

INFP children often exhibit this in a ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ fashion, switching from reality to fantasy and back again. With few exceptions, it is the NF child who readily develops imaginary playmates (as with Anne of Green Gables’s “bookcase girlfriend”–her own reflection) and whose stuffed animals come to life like the Velveteen Rabbit and the Skin Horse:

INFPs have the ability to see good in almost anyone or anything. Even for the most unlovable the INFP is wont to have pity.

Their extreme depth of feeling is often hidden, even from themselves, until circumstances evoke an impassioned response:

Of course, not all of life is rosy, and INFPs are not exempt from the same disappointments and frustrations common to humanity. As INTPs tend to have a sense of failed competence, INFPs struggle with the issue of their own ethical perfection, e.g., performance of duty for the greater cause. An INFP friend describes the inner conflict as not good versus bad, but on a grand scale, Good vs. Evil. Luke Skywalker in Star Wars depicts this conflict in his struggle between the two sides of “The Force.” Although the dark side must be reckoned with, the INFP believes that good ultimately triumphs.

Some INFPs have a gift for taking technical information and putting it into layman’s terms. Brendan Kehoe’s Zen and the Art of the Internet is one example of this “de-jargoning” talent in action.

  • ARG Training
    • We finally figured out why Anna had such a fancy tie on, it was to present!
  • Downtown Art Walk & Food
    • I had a great time exploring the downtown Ames area both on my own and with everyone 
    • One thing I’ve grown to love to do is supporting small/local artists and craftspeople. So when I saw things I loved I was all over them. 

My purchases

(China set pic)

(Ring pic)

(Buttons pic)

(Lemonade pic)

Additionally, I got some strawberry ginger lemonade that I loved from an art walk ‘store’. 

Sharen(I believe was her name) said that they were to be opening a coffee shop in Ames in a few weeks and they would have their own building by the Fall.

If anyone wants to check it out with me in a bit I would like to go again. 

Reliable st

This is where I was told it was to be built

  • Late Night VR
    • Finally, last night we gathered next door to play with Mashishi’s Oculus gear. Somehow everyone started playing this scary game (think Amnesia). Sophia took a turn on it and could barely stop panicking and screaming, hope she’s alright now and didn’t have any nightmares. Someone stopped up to the room to check if everyone was alright b/c of the screams. I took a turn too and was barely able to stand it. The monsters were uncannily similar to Weeping Angels from Dr. Who link(spoilers).
    • Interestingly enough I did not get sick or nauseous when strafing in the partially discordant world (joystick movement)
  • Wonder Woman out!!
    • I kinda wanna see this soon, hopefully, I will. Seems my girlfriend went out last night to see it, I’ll probably see what she thinks first. 

(Addressing 6/3/17)

Why am I awake at 6:30 blogging?!?!

Also, fans of Rick and Morty click here

Log Date 6 2 17 4 – Glance

Run Free!!!

Blogging daily will be difficult for me considering my previous attempts at keeping daily data/writing. I always make it about a week in and it tends to take the backburner role in my day. However, I'm glad its required daily as, on my previous attempts, I look back and extremely enjoy reading what I wrote as a different person. I am not the same person I was a month ago, a week ago, a day ago, or even a moment ago. I find it fascinating to understand who I was in the past (even though some memories make me cringe). Time for journal club! (Uploaded late)

Log Date 6 2 17 4 – Flood

Hello to All, Humans or Otherwise

The past couple days have been quite an eventful time for life in the HCI REU. There are a number of things I’d like to record so in the interest of time I’ll try to organize the information and keep it short.

  • Project presentations happened (all sounded super exciting and I want to be involved in all…)
  • Groups met with their mentors/project leaders
    • We discussed expectations, some readings and possible future meeting times. 
    • This really helped me gain a better grasp on what the project actually is while also exciting me for it more.
  • I found my bike (this actually happened the first day but yay)
  • I got 2 parking tickets due to not having a parking pass yet (my fault for not arriving in the designated window on the first day)
  • Card game party in my apartment with Alfredo, Chris, Devi, Emanuel, and Masashi
  • Tour of State Gym
    • Only thought was “Wow, State Gym is so much bigger than I thought”
  • First Rock Climbing experience
    • Overall I found this very enjoyable, Austin helped to show me the basics and I completed one route. I will definitely do that more
  • First VR Experence
    • Masashi invited people over to try out his Oculus Rift 
    • I felt like the world was lacking a dimension when I too the HMD off
    • It felt wonderfully awesome seeing and controlling virtual hands
    • Also, an observation, nearsightedness carries over into VR without corrective glasses. Eventually, I figured a way to wear the HMD that I could have glasses while playing.
  • Group Bubble tea followed by shopping at Mayhem 
    • Liked the Bubble tea at first but then could only finish half of it 
    • Along with picking up the game Sushi Go I also found a gift for my girlfriend back home. I can’t wait to send it to her!

This past period quite a lot of information and activities but I’m having a lot of fun! Now I just need to work on normalizing my sleep schedule. Here are some pictures from today.

(Pic of the Cohort)(Pic of Bubble Tea)
(Pic of the C6)
Tomorrow (today I suppose) I’m super excited to go on the VRAC Technology tour and hope to see inside the C6. However, I’m not so excited about needing to lift again tomorrow. Any lifting buddies out there???