Intro to HCI

Instructors: Kaitlyn Ouverson and Jamiahus Walton


  1. HCI Scavenger Hunt!
    • Find 2 “interfaces” in the area
    • Capture (image or screenshot)
      • if the interface is nearby (West of the Quad [has a campanile] + Gilman Hall/Office and Lab/Physics Hall) we will take a quick tour at the beginning of the next class
    • Come prepared to discuss 7/7!
  2. (1.5.) HCI Technique Practice
    • As a team, create an HTA, a KLM, or an Affinity Diagram (examples in slides and below)
    • Each team member writes a blog post “HCI Project Analysis” with an image of the product and a description of how you, as a member of the team, worked on it.
    • Post to blog by 6/26!


Course Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  1. Describe HCI: What is it? Why is it important? How can it be used?
  2. Describe how HCI builds on Psych and other fields’ principles
  3. Discuss current HCI research
  4. Implement HCI practices in their own projects


Course Materials:
          (UPDATED; let me know if you can’t access them)

     6/13: Introduction

Following are images of our affinity diagram (minus headings)!

Affinity Diagram – Top

Affinity Diagram – Middle

Affinity Diagram – Bottom


Below are the Hierarchical Task Analyses!


Original HTA for VR/AR team






     7/7: Psych Foundations and User Experience (UX)

Week 2 Slides

     7/14: Interactive Media and Teams

Week 3 Slides